The new Apple iPhone 4

In this world of technology and electronics every new Apple device is a major and noteworthy event. There was a lot of speculation and rumors that Apple is actually releasing a new and better version of the already successful iPhone 3G and 3GS. The new Apple iPhone 4 is likely to be one of the most successful gadget for one of the people who grab the new smartphone for a few seconds after officially arriving at the business fronts and the internet. There were countless hard Apple followers and tech-obsessed enthusiasts sitting on sidewalks on Apple's stores, waiting for doors to open and catch the new device. The iPhone, I do not have to say a lot of stress.

The iPhone 4 has many new and upgraded features and a unique user interface. It looks like the Apple brand has decided to completely renovate the device, making it a more robust, finer and more industrial, much more attractive than the rounded iPhone 3. The new iPhone 4 is more detailed and finer than the design team that Jony Ive led, decided to have a more sophisticated look. The iPhone 4 is a striking device that is large enough to have a wide-screen display, but is small enough to keep large amounts of people on the go. For comparison, the Apple iPhone 4 is similar to a completely new device.

Thanks to this popular iPhone 4 device, it's not just a refurbished design, but a complete transformation of internal devices. Apple replaced the chip from its former chipset named Samsung, replacing its original chip, known as the A4 chip, used by the popular iPad. As a result, the Apple iPhone 4 is much faster than its predecessor.

In addition, the new iPhone 4 boasts a new display as well. Apple set iPhone display to a huge 960 640 IPS screen named "Retina Display". This new screen has a much higher pixel density and resolution than the now forgettable iPhone 3. Steve Jobs, a brain researcher behind the Apple iPhone 4, said the science behind the "Retina Display" refers to a resolution that one does not sight eyes. This has not been proven, but it is a bold statement. With the appearance and feeling of the new iPhone 4, it agrees that the new screen is sharper and more vivid than the other smartphone screens.

Since the release of the iPhone 4, many people enjoy the new and unique mobile device. With extensive software, applications and capabilities, the iPhone 4 is one of the most popular smartphones in today's market. IPhone has a FaceTime feature that allows your friends and family to make real-time video calls, HD (high definition) video capture and editing software, a new and innovative multi-tasking feature that helps people create more than one third party running and organizing your apps. 5 megapixel camera, iPod, Game Center, Safari web browser, voice control function, Accessibility settings and an iBooks store among many other innovative additions

The iPhone 4 is available worldwide through Apple stores and phone companies such as AT & T Unlocked iPhone 4 smartphones can also be purchased without a contract and can be found online. For more information on iPhone 4, visit the Apple website.

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