The new and improved iPhone 5 is coming soon

No one really thought what the next iPhone would hold for us. It allows you to handle, Apple does not yet have a well-defined number. With all honesty, we will not know about it until Tim Cook does stop this summer or falls. Given the fact that the iPad 3 is still a few months ahead, we have to deal with the next iPhone a bit.

We've put together some convincing summaries of the iPhone 5 specs that we could see later or later on. Functions floating in each category are far from clear, but there are controversial leaks, so you have to make choices. However, let's see the iPhone 5 features that everyone tastes when Apple decides to publish the iPhone 5.

Screen Size

If Apple still has three and a half-inch displays, it's straight forward: the same 960 × 640 resolution. Trying to double the resolution of the current retina display, they would be too overwhelmed and not exactly cost effective.

However, if the screen explodes, it will be interesting to find what Apple is doing. A larger screen for Apple's busy Steve Jobs was for the public that it did not want a bigger impression because it thought there was a lot of Android. Developers simplify the same 960 × 640 resolution, but this reduces the density of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S pixels. There is not much leak in this situation, so we can say that Apple is pushing the resolution up slightly up to 1080 × 720. At 4, it offered 325 dots per second, the iPhone 4 / 4S 330 and preserves the aspect ratio that iPhone has always used.

This is straight forward: if the iPhone 5 is not thin than the iPhone 4 / 4S. It would be a punishment to think that Apple did not reduce the thickness, as many Android phones are much slimmer than the iPhone Four S. Higher Android devices such as the Droid RZR and Google Nexus are older than the iPhone. I can not say that MacBook Air has left the alternative generation without exposing the ridiculously slim iPhone.

In order to have a solid picture of our fantasy idea, let's say it's seven meters thin, a hair thin like the first Android Razr.

Home button

Why is my home button questioned while essentially the same for every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch? There have been various leaks to Apple for the future iPhone.

Previous leaks suggested Apple would have a bigger home button on iPhone 5 that works as double finger gestures. Other leaks have said that Apple completely waives the tangible key and goes to a Droid ICS-like screen.

Because this conceptual release we are displaying has been through a capacitive home button. The respectable bet, though it is likely to remain on the home button, will remain the same, but we have said a lot that it is worth integrating the change.

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