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We can never be sure that the current "must haves" is really driven by the actual consumer demand, the desire to have different or the market participants to make the consumer unique – different. However, there must be different some interesting changes to the original concept of the phone as developed by Alexander G Bell.

One of the more obvious in mobile phones, considering it's mobile – that's what we can do anywhere – it's GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation. Being able to go everywhere means, at least for some of us – we can also be lost anywhere. Nokia 6110 Navigator answers this call

I do not know if the Nokia 6110 Navigator was the first child in a GPS block but I like alliteration. As with any technology, when it appears in a single brand, "me too" mentality fluctuates in action and the market plays its games.

These reviews, especially the official press release, tell you all sorts of great things, including traffic information, weather and travel guides that can be downloaded and of course come to price. Optional extras also show thousands of interesting places, such as restaurants, hotels, shops and other services in the area. A fascinating technique and awesome example of where the huge cost of space exploration has actually filtered down to the man on the street – even though he is looking for a restaurant, hotel or several times more sordid interesting place.

Incidentally, the public discussion also includes one interesting saying statement – "Dedicated mobile holder available as a mailbox" – which obviously has the term clear meaning. Is this an example of the subtle demand – the market pushes business? If you buy a mobile phone with GPS you will probably want to use it in a car – demand reduction. You can use the Nokia 6110 Navigator in a car, but the car comes at an additional cost – market push. Even the concept center is pushing the boundaries where the market compresses two words into one well-known marketing concept – you want – you pay!

For more information on GPS features, and of course, mobile phone functionality, the Nokia 6110 Navigator comes with a host of available features, including: browser and map downloads, Visual Radio, MP 3 player, Macromedia Flash Plaver, push e-mail, instant messaging message, Bluetooth 2 megapixel camera and 2.2 "screen, lens scanner display, reader out loud message reader and 39 inputs. Less than 2 cm in width (49 mm), less than 1" thick (20 mm), and weighing only a few ounces (125 g).

When we leave away from dedicated equipment in a multifaceted environment, there must be deviations. Not only are there a price and a number of features, but because many features are competitive, there are also designs in design. How much work can one button do? For example, dedicated on-board GPS can store the amount of travel information and their statistics.

There were cases where these travel records stored on a dedicated GPS were used to establish and mathematically restore the driver's route between two known satellite nodes. The drive had been charged with speeding and he used the storage information to continue, based on satellite indicators, the alleged speed would have been impossible and the charge was dropped.

While the dedicated device supports using this depth of demand, it is highly unlikely that mobile phones with GPS would deliver the same depth of functionality. I would not rely on your Nokia 6110 Navigator to get rid of traffic violations. Likewise, the soldier using GPS, a professional photographer and a dedicated musician would probably fit if you suggested they cut their equipment and used only their mobile phones.

With regard to managing the requirements for purchasing public purchases, the way is to lead and steadily lead the market to trade in the place where the average or the rare user can afford and then participate in these provisions included. Nokia has a history of both pushing technology goals and doing it the right way. What happens if they manage to integrate a rocket?

Source by Ronald Doherty

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