The mythical iPhone 5: rumors and so on

This is the season. Perhaps this is the first tip of the warm weather or the abundance of pollen circulating in the air. Whatever it is, it has caused the tech world to tinker. The iPhone 5 is coming. And speculation is never over.

The only thing that is certain is that nothing will be secure until the official Apple announcement. Until then, he will not stop decrypting a long list of technical rumors.

Let's start by dealing with the biggest rumor on each of them: the date of release. According to reports, timelines appear between June and October on the basis of timelines and the availability of individual parts.

Although the previous iPhone product cycles started in June, the iPhone 5 could be completely different. Many suggest that September is a real belief; although this is the same crowd who said that iPad 2 will not be available until June. Your estimate is as good as ours.

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The realistic – likely to appear on the iPhone 5

White models – The coveted white models are less pronounced than Norwegian Ridgeback, are expected to be available for the iPhone 5. Similarly to the immediate availability of the white iPad 2 models, the white iPhone 5 must be ready for the first day

More memory – Users need to have more internal memory than ever, including the 64GB model

CDMA Model Will Verizon users get the new iPhone 5 in the same way as AT & T? We think so. Mostly because we have no reason why not.

Same Design – In the technical world, the consensus is that the iPhone 5 will have the same overall concept as the iPhone 4. It's a bit thinner with a larger screen.

Enhanced camera / video – 8 megapixel camera (!) And HD video recording rumors are heard.

Faster processor – Like the iPad 2, the iPhone 5 is expected to include A5 processor and more RAM.

HDMI Output – Just think FatBooth's photos are HD on TV. Could it be better?

NFC technology – Built-in NFC technology results in mobile payments directly to the iPhone 5. Customer fans, please note. This can be dangerous.

The maybes- 50/50

The cloud – this is the future. All internal storage is stored in a virtual iTunes cloud that can be accessed via a wireless or 3G / 4G network. It's a cool concept, but are we still enough?

4G / LTE debate continues on whether iPhone 5 will work on the 4G / LTE network. The internet and the connection speed would be the fastest.

Home Button – Farewell to your friend if this rumor is true. It was replaced by a touch sensitive area, there would be no more physical home buttons.

New Form Factor – Can it be a re-design that we all expected? Rumors include iPad 2 appearance and sensitivity, including rounded edges.

Battery Life-Avid iPhone users can quickly drain the battery as a beep. Okay, maybe not so fast. But everyone wants a more durable battery. Can not you dream?

Input Level iPhone – Basic iPhone models that offer a cheaper option than internal memory. It's possible to say, but maybe not.

Insanity – entertaining dream

3-D technology – Apple has recently secured patents for 3-D screen technology. The 3-D effect would be available on the screen, in some cases without the glasses.

Physical Keyboard – It would be a complete re-design, but it's always on our What-If list.

Source by Sara Goodman

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