The most underrated iPhone game

People love the game on the iPhone. In fact, this was the next big thing and the appstore flooded the games. Some are expensive, some cheap, and some are free. One thing is consistent and this is that most are not very good.

There are of course exceptions to this rule, and one of those exceptions is Uniwar. Uniwar is a circular hex strategy game that is a mixture of Starcraft and Civilization. This tour is like Civ, but the playable races in the game mirror Starcraft are almost the same.

We have the Khrleans, which are bugs that specialize in the mass production of cheaper, weaker units that are able to draw enemies. They are the Zerg Uniwar version.

Then there is the Titans, an advanced alien species with the strongest units, but they move slowly and are expensive. They are Protoss Uniwar versions.

Finally, there is the Sapiens. They are people and offer balance between the other two species. They have average average performance and average movement. They are the Uniwar version of Terran, right up to the Marines and the sieges.

Okay, so the tournaments are like Starcraft, but does it do good? Of course, this is not a good game in itself, but it's just the beginning. One of Uniwar's great things is to not waste your time concentrating on building a lot of buildings or concentrating a lot of ore. Each map has its base scattered about it. To mount a base, you simply have to pick up the base station and pick up the recording. If you survive the next turn, your base is yours and you only have the resources to possess it. This is what they build from units.

Battle and terrain in Uniwar is very well designed and very similar to Starcraft. There are many units, from land to air to the sea, from different unit types, from light units to heavy units, brigade units, etc. The game is really like a big chess game in the war, and because you do not have to worry about the basics, you can focus on that. The terrain is interacting with the game in a very interesting way.

The game includes a single player campaign, but the game's main feature is online multiplayer. You can play through 3G or Wi-Fi, and the cool part is that it's all about it. There is no need to sit down and dedicate time to the game, as each player can set a deadline on the tour (usually 24 hours). He plays the tournament, then turns the game to the other player and continues the day. When you finish the tournament, you get a push notification and an email to let us know. No rush, you play at your own pace, and you do not have to commit at the same time the game is extremely comfortable.

Of course, there are various types of games from 1v1 to team play so that they can become free.

Game available on iPhone for $ 0.99 and Android for $ 4.99. Another good feature is that the game is a cross platform, which means that iPhone users can play against Android users.

I'm giving a 5/5 for the mobile game to go and I highly recommend it!

Source by Ryan Moyer

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