The most important reasons why Symbian failed

Up to now, there were 8 versions of the operating system: S60, S60 version 2, S60 version 3, S60 version 5, Symbian ^ 2, Symbian ^ 3, Anna and Belle. Nokia has always been a successful player in the mobile industry, but under the current circumstances, Nokia and Symbian lose their appeal. There are many reasons behind Symbian's failure. There are a few reasons:

Lack of Applications

Symbian does not have "cool" applications. By comparing applications with Android and i-OS, Symbian can not withstand competition. The Nokia Store may have a bigger collection of Android or Apple Store, but that does not mean that every application works perfectly for the devices. It is very difficult to imagine a mobile device that does not have good applications. The Nokia store is good but very ancient. Most applications in Nokia are a slow, comfortable and terrible interface. Currently, with Symbian, it is difficult to see the developers you want to develop for Symbian when there are better options than i-OS or Android.

Feel and look

The appearance of the menu does not show much improvement. Even other features of Nokia devices have not improved since the first Symbian version. The only improvement in the home screen, Symbian ^ 3 and Belle.

The outdated browser

Today, web movement on the move works in a way that mobile devices run like the default Symbian browser in a slim way. Checkerboard patterns are common when scrolling through web pages. This problem can be solved to some extent by downloading a third-party application such as Opera or Safari, but surfing the Internet is not a lot of Symbian-based tools.

Permanent Hangout

It is known that users have a smooth interface to i-OS or Android, and the delay of any application or feature is a major disadvantage. With Symbian, you can provide a guarantee for hangouts and late replies. Touch is not as smooth and sensitive as android or i-OS devices. The Nokia E-7 and N-8 devices have improved considerably, but are still out of the way.

Symbian obsolete

We can define the Symbian operating system as outdated operating system. With the development and advancement of today's technology, we can say that there is nothing special about getting the popular operating system, Android and i-OS versions. In other words, we can say that you feel like a Windows XP before Mac or Vista. The main disadvantage is that QWERTY is missing from the N-8 as it is a basic feature and does not have the N-8 a glittering miss. Another disadvantage is that there are plenty of widgets, but none of the widgets are implemented properly.

Today it is very hard to find Symbian-friendly users. Other giant companies such as Apple and BlackBerry offer a number of advanced and user-friendly applications, so each user is paying close attention. Despite these disadvantages, we can say that Nokia is still the best hardware, fantastic camera and the great battery life that will be its followers

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