The most common problems for Android smartphones and solutions

In 2007 and 2008, when Google and Andy Rubin captured the idea of ​​an Android phone with researchers and engineers, little was known about what a digital revolution would be. & # 39; First & # 39; was the first idea of ​​what Android phone would be and built with HTC in 2006 and 2007 with T-Mobile collaborating with them as a testing partner.

It's been a little over a decade and you're running multiple Android phones at the same time, and the benefits of your experience. Android phones have influenced people's behavior and thinking. What can be stronger?

As we all know, everything has a flip side. Android phones are not included. Let's look at the common issues that Android phone users face and how to solve them.

Low Battery

Low battery is always a disruptive problem with Android smartphones. It is charged several times a day, it is not fair from the experienced telephone user, as it takes a lot of time to recharge it to 100 percent. To extend the battery life of your phone, delete all applications in the background, turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi if you are not using it, reduce the brightness to the level of comfort, and turn on the battery economy mode. These little hacks can save a lot of energy for emergencies and anyway.

Slow Run

It is an undeniable fact that users here are faulty. The slow pace of your phone reflects our smartphone habits. This is due to too many applications for too little internal storage, too much photo and video, application cache, and application data and applications running in the background. As a person can walk or run faster with a less stuffed stomach than one filled, the smartphone will also work faster if you are free of heavy files, applications, and trash. Delete unused applications or try to use lighter versions. One of the main reasons for application cache that slows down the phone considerably. Go to Settings> Applications> Empty Cache. Learn how to delete the application cache and delete application data on Android for faster workflow.

Loss of Wi-Fi connectivity

The Android Wi-Fi sleeping rule turns off Wi-Fi while the phone is in standby or sleep mode. This is not a bad problem because it saves battery and data consumption, but those who need up-to-date updates and notifications will easily solve the problem. Go to advanced Wi-Fi settings and select "Never Activate Wi-Fi while Sleeping."

Less Internal Storage

The Phone Gallery content soon exceeded the internal memory Just do not have to worry about deleting old media content from your phone, just save them on cloud servers like Drop-Box, Google Photos, and Google Drive before you delete everything, leaving you a blank space for new files,

Crash applications

Some of your apps may stop abruptly due to corrupt cache or overload of application data Delete the cache using the method described above to work smoothly If unlocking the application cache does not resolve make the problem, back up the application and then delete application data and restart the phone. Download and reinstall the app from Google Play.

Some Android phones are accelerating due to manufacturing or other issues, or perhaps the presence of heavy applications, such as game applications and Facebook. Try not to use your phone during charging and avoid hard-to-use applications or use lighter versions. Give me a break when it gets too hot.

Intervention of Auto Correct Function

Does Android interfere with the automatic, correct word suggestions while typing in a message? If you find it annoying, turn off Settings> Language & Input> Android Keyboard> Auto Repair, then touch Off. & # 39;

These shared Android issues can interfere with the smooth mobile regime. Perform these steps by solving them and being a happy Android user.

Source by Jose Martin

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