The Mobile Jargon Buster

The mobile phone jargon can create a disturbing situation when buying a new one. The further advancement of mobile technology means that updating with terminology is a continuous process.

Before you sign up for a local store or visit your favorite online retailer to buy a new mobile phone, make sure you've done the research and understand all the languages ​​you need to know to get the best phone for your needs.

Here are some of the terms you should know when you buy a new mobile phone:

• EMS – Enhanced Message Service, a feature that allows you to send and receive different types of messages, such as ringtones, animations, and photos.
• SMS – "Short Messaging Services", which are text messages or plain texts.
• MMS – Multimedia messaging services that allow you to send and receive data such as multimedia, such as audio, video, and photos.
• Service Provider – this is the service provider that provides access to the network for initiating and receiving calls and texts. This is the company that sends the contract for the service and sends invoices to use the service.
• Roaming – this is when you leave your service network and join a "service partner" to continue using your phone. Be careful when using your phone as roaming, as extra charges may apply.
• WAP – This is the "Wireless Application Protocol" that helps you surf the web on your mobile phone.
• SAR – This is a technical term that refers to the "specific absorption rate" as a unit for measuring radio frequency exposure.
• GSM – Provides secure mobile and data connectivity that is available all over the world.
• Fascias – Mobile Phone Cover
• Java – This is a useful technology for users who are interested in promoting game information, ringtones, and logos from the Internet.
• Dual Band – This technology allows handsets to use two frequencies instead of two networks instead of a single network.
• GPRS – "General Packet Radio Service", which is your permanent Internet connection.
• Bluetooth – Wireless connection to data that can share information with compatible devices such as computers and PDAs that also have a Bluetooth connection.
• Phone tattoo – Allows you to use your phone's data connection to your laptop to surf the Internet.

The most convenient way to choose is to accurately discuss what you would like to use with your phone sales representative to help. If you are buying a phone through a retailer of a web site and have questions, call or email your customer service department. The pre-query saves you time after receiving your phone and has put you in the best position to take advantage of the features and benefits immediately.

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