The LG Pop is probably the cheapest touch screen smartphone ever

LG has recently been a party for money conscious buyer and LG Pop's release is clear evidence of this. The Pop is probably the cheapest touch screen smartphone ever; and with a full touch control interface and social networking integration, it's actually a smartphone. No, it can not have a very powerful operating system and no processor is so big, but LG has been able to complete some of the smartphone technology for very low production costs.

As the look is, the doll is very pleasing and the colorful look looks bright and vibrant on the 3.0 inch 240 x 400 (WQVGA) pixel screen. A responsive touch responsive screen allows users to go gloriously from one application to the next, and since the device is pretty compact (97.8 x 49.5 x 11.2 mm), it's very pocket and handy. There is clearly only one button that benefits the screen; It can be used as a primary action button, along with call and end actions.

With the majority of smartphones today, the UI can be a bit fancy with intricate menus and submenus everywhere but LG has delivered Pop with a very simple hit and tap 3-way interface and iPhone style menus, perfect for smartphone novelties or technical challenges, like and my mother LG has also included liveSquare features that are glorified call logs and contacts interface. Since you are introduced to various avatars that represent contacts, each person can interact with the touch screen.

LG Pop can be installed to handle different email accounts from many companies; Social networking has also been covered by a special application that allows you to deal with MySpace, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Along with standard SMS and MMS support, LG has provided a full browser that supports the EDGE Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900), covering all online activities, including social networking and gaming.

LG has thrown into an efficient little 3MP digital camera system; It returns all the tools needed for general daily forgetfulness and QVGA 10fps video recordings, the camera loads quite quickly and you get a good full screen. The pop has a program in Move Studio that can be used to create slideshows, but you can also view photos in a basic slide show. Video player is capable of playing MPEG-4 files at 320 x 240 pixel resolution, while the music player has a very good interface and plays back via a phone built-in speaker or Bluetooth wireless headset. FM radio is also supported for users who want to be up to date with favorite channels and shows.

LG has delivered a pretty strong candidate for the most efficient touch screen smartphone ever. The Pop is devoted to money conscious buyers who need touch screen technology and mobile social networks. This device is well sized and well designed with elegant being appropriate words, minimalist shape and curved edges give the phone a fashionable and reliable frame. The tasteful interface is incredibly user-friendly, but the price tag will not be your hearty wallet.

Source by Lee Thornton

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