The latest features of the iPhone 4

What makes iPhone4 better than other smartphones?

If we neglect the controversy that has bought Apple's new iPhone4 for each person before its release, it's like a piece of master that creates news on the latest and never used on both external and hardware grounds. But still to clarify the question that comes with the mind of each customer asks whether it is worth buying an intelligent phone $ 199 or $ 299 (the 16GB or 32GB model) there is a list of sharpness new iPhone4 holds.

The Right Technology + Fun Accessibility

Smart phones are like jewelry in the modern world, and this is probably the reason why different tech companies are making smart phones. However, the recent studies of Apple's new iPhone4 services and services will soon adopt a smart phone for everyone in the market. And what comes first from the smart phone concept of how it combines the technical aspects of entertainment, so below are some points that iPhone4 carries:

Tech Accessibility in the Device

• Gyroscopes and Sensors
iPhone 3Gs came with a compass, but the iPhone4 went up to another level with three-axis motion detection and accelerometer. There is also a premium and ambient light sensor.

• Hardware Speculation
Height: Width: Depth: 4.5 inches Weight: 2.31 inches: 0.37 inches: 4.8 ounces, which makes the 3GS version lighter on 3 grams on a postal scale.

• Battery is 5.25 WHr for 3.7Vcompare with 3GS battery, which is 4.51 WHr for 3.7V.

• Can be charged with a USB or AC adapter.

• Talk time can be up to 7 hours for 3G and up to 14 hours on 2G.

• Standby time can last up to 300 hours for Internet access for 6 hours on 3G and 10 hours on Wi-Fi.

• The presence of new iOS4 software makes the device smarter than other smartphones.

Entertainment is up.

• The unique display features a 960 640 pixel resolution and 800: 1 contrast screen retina display.

• HD video capture and 5 megapixel camera with LED flash.

• Entertainment is much more experienced, 16% more battery life

• The new antenna was placed under the stainless steel edge for better quality calling and Wi-Fi reception in the phone

• Multitasking icing is the cake since you are now switching to three applications and you can easily switch between slowed performance and any doubts about the separate power consumption

What's new and exciting?
• Front view with video camcorder
• Camera flash
• Microphone outside the normal SIM card
• Higher resolution
• Separate buttons for volume
and mute

all phones and if Apple's new iPhone4 is the first choice.

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