The Kindle Fire, Should I Get One?

So at the end of October, my mind has begun to turn out to fall out Christmas gifts. My beautiful wife, Jen, has hinted that she wants to cool "stuff" for the occasion this year. I mean, who does not want cold things? So I thought … what to get?

My wife loves to play video games. Usually something like solitaire or one of these gemum shooting puzzle games. I have to decorate her by her BlackBerry at night because she plays either a card or tries to read a book from her. It looks like it hurts. So, I started thinking, maybe the tablet is the way to go!

Should I have one?

Last week I wrote an article about Mac vs PC. Here's a quick upgrade before I move on. I'm going to a computer. After writing this piece, I saw how expensive it was to switch to Apple products. I produce music during my free time and the applications I use have I recognized. Buying a Mac Now would change everything and put a serious hole in your pocket. So the computer won. That's why we will not talk about everyone's favorite card, iPad. Sorry for the side leaders …..

Nevertheless, I sat on a new Kindle Fire from Amazon for several reasons. For those who did not know, Amazon released a new version of Kindle E-Reader, Kindle the Fire. But it makes more than simple ignition. Look at the reasons I'm going to think that my wife will be very happy with me on Christmas morning.

  1. Price . The Kindle Fire is priced at 199.00. iPad The starting price is $ 499.00. I want to drop half Grand on a chart as my wife will play games and read books on? Umm … no. At. At 199.00, I would not know if I was doing my 6 year old daughter either.
  2. Android . The Kindle Firefox is running Android OS, which means we can download applications from the Android App Store.
  3. Cloud Storage . The Kindle will utilize the cloud storage application Amazon works to store your books, music and movies there without having to store the chart. Rather cool.
  4. Web Search . Firefighters can browse the web using Amazon Silk A great quick browser that comes with the product.
  5. Color Touchscreen . The fire has a vibrant color touch screen with a wide viewing angle. The screen is smaller than iPad, however, to 7 "big enough to enjoy movies, literature and more.
  6. Access to Amazon .18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines and books.
  7. Internet connection . Kindle Firefox uses Wi-Fi connection to access the web.

Is it not the Kindle of Fire? There is no camera or microphone like most tablets but where we are going updating our smartphone, I do not think there will be a problem. Because the fire is only Wi-Fi, the user can only browse the web when you have a connection. But again, since I can not imagine Jen using it the car, and our house is on a wireless modem, so it works again. Battery is only 8 hours, down from 10 hours from iPad.

So this Christmas, my lady will open a box with a beautiful new Amazon Kindle inside. Without anyone coming up with something cooler between now and December ember. That will put me perfectly in when I come home with a more expensive, powerful table …. for me.

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By: Desmond Johnson

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