The "It Just Happens Such" Impact – Bulls Eye Marketing 101

What do spam and TV ads do with each other? Simple; They are all great examples of The Bull's Eye Effect. But wait. Do we usually not get our spam and release TV ads? Well, but … it does not prevent companies from doing more and more every day.
Why? Simple: accuse it of "It also happens" Impact …

Now, before you ask, say "it just so happens" The effect that for every nine out of ten people who throw them furnished airplane or blanket clean coupons Who comes in the mail, there is one person who "just happens" to need a new furniture or blanket cleaned.


o teeth whitened
o haircut
o oil modified
o cruise

Case in point: My wife friend just returned to work. This was good news, good news, best news – more money, more potential, more money – until the laundry started to stack up and the closets were clean and the floors were dirty. You see, my friend works at home – and while his wife was suddenly back into the world, he remained defending himself in the domestic jungle.

Therefore, he became heavy with household cleaning products. I do not get a word easily; "obsession" is actually the correct word here. I have never heard that he is so animated about anything he discovered the Swiffer product line. Vacuums that dust! Squeegees that squirted! Gloves that kept static electricity! Mops that sucked first! The list went on and over again; You think it was a baseball season and he was announcing the World Championships!

And it all started with one of these set of coupons in the Sunday church. One Swiffer advertisement for one Swiffer product – and the rest just kind of snowball; He was hooked. I can imagine he's there on the very first Sunday morning, his wife is sleeping late after a long week of work, dust mites that surround the wood floor, this big, finished vacuum that departs from the garage, the blade in the lap when it's all Suddenly he saw the Swiffer duster- vacuumer-squirtie gizmo coupon and that's when "it just happens" effect began, effect!

My friend needed a quick, convenient, preferably disposable solution to his daily household cleaning work, and it just happens. thrown away without looking at 4,000 Sundays in a row.

But not this Sunday.

The "It Just So Happens" Impact keeps advertisers paying their mortgages, even if our country pages accompany the product. It also keeps us buying, and before we get into the high tech world of religious marketing in the sections that come, we should not learn the low-tech world of traditional advertising. Remember, it's just a blame until cash buys the first big sale. What makes it ring for you, for me, because everyone's getting something different.

Until you find that "something different", do not rule out anything.

What the preview can teach us to make a straight hit!

Have you ever noticed that you only see trailers for comedies before comedy? Or preview for horrific movies in front of a scary movie? That's because, as gender is like; The audience for the latest zombie edition is more likely to remember – and looking forward to seeing – another zombie movie but say, a light romantic comedy.

I've found that this is a great way to think about targeting your customers. If your product or service is the installment after all the preview, the movie itself, what model would play in front of it? Comedy? Buddy picture? Family film? Operation? Adventure? Thriller?

I want you to take this seriously. We often think in terms of "mission statement," "purpose" or "lift the pitch", but they are more business-oriented. Thinking about a video device to describe your product or service – and then your audience – is a lot more customers. Sales of your pitch should not be general. You need to zoom into the core of one's audience. Check your product appeal or service with this person.

Movies come in genres – comedy, romance, thriller; companies come in niches – as companies do; for example, retail, B2B, automotive. Seeing your target audience in a simple way is better for both of you. Be straight. Be clear. Be exciting. Learn from the preview of the movie. They entice the audience with animations that will appeal to their own movie modes.

So, in other words, do not throw your zombies into audiences who are hungry for comedy. Like sex like; Find out who wants you and throw them. First, you need to know what your hands are; comedy or scary movie.

Knowing what type of product or service you provide should look like a different nature, but if it were so easy, then we do not read this now because I did not have to write it in the first place.

Suppose you are a shoe company. So far, so good. What kind of shoes do you sell? Spariskór? Sandals? Women? Men? Sneakers? What? Athletic shoes; great. Do you tell the audience? Hardly. I will provide you, nowadays, everybody uses sports ponies, but that does not mean they will use you.

Take the details of the sports camera a little further, ask yourself some questions to narrow the audience:

o Is the sports betting enough to appeal to the teenager / tiger market?
o Are they too heavy to appeal to the chief market?
o Are they cold enough for college?
o Are they enough enough to cry out in urban hipsters?
o Are they sensible enough for outstanding women?
o Are they strong enough to work men?

Something confusing, is not it? Celebrate! There is freedom in simplicity. For example, we should choose some audience up there – elders, men on the go, weekend service, choose one – and you can see how this audience focuses and only viewers mean less time worrying about the audience.

For example, if you choose weekend hikers, you can play strictly with them. With design, with ad text, with graphics, with seasonal campaigns, with colors, with pavement, with laces, by – well, you get the picture.

It's all nonsense; all the time. Now you can finally form the type of product or service that you have, and create "preview" that is appropriate for fans of the type. And remember, it's not about recreating the giant concrete formula that works for each movie, each time. It's about targeting your audience with your message to use your product.

Do not forget our viewers by one. When you can ignore all other sub-sports shoes and show your point of view – weekend hikers – you can now form your audience of one; This one weekend cyclist.

Now real interaction can happen – and prospects can become customers. You have found your eyes on the bull and you are ready to target it.

Imagine your product or service is the focus of a new movie. Instead of shopping, make movie loading. How will you get the audience excited to come back and see it?

Find Your Passion – Find Your Goal

Passion, I've found, operates the purest form of communication. Think about it: One of the strongest forms of communication is to speak passionately with your audience of one. One of the greatest masters of The Bulls Eye Effect, Walt Disney himself, was fond of saying, "Let's never forget that it all started with mice."

Tony Hawk's version might be: "It all started with a skateboard."

When the very young Tony Hawk began to perfect his Frontside # Nose Blunt and half-pipe shredding technology back in the mid-70s, skateboarding was still in birth. A few dozen professional skaters were really able to return their business for earnings, but the popularity of ESPN, albeit the X Games and (Mountain) Dew Action Sports Tour, were still decades in the attack.

Over 30 years later, Tony Hawk is a smaller man and more institution. He recently released the eighth long-range setup on successful computer games Tony Hawk's Project 8. Kohl dealers now sell an exclusive line of clothing and the Six Flags theme park has its own "Tony Hawk experience" ride.

The brand Hawk's name was not an accident. Said Marshal Cohen, senior analyst at NPD Group Inc., a market research firm in New York, "Tony Hawk is a national name, but still alive and on the scene.

According to Mark Hyman in Business Week," Hawk said. He earns from 5 million to 7 million USD a year, according to insider marketing, ranking him among the richest players in any sport. , is his pipeline to young consumers. Oddly, for the father of three to close at 40, Hawk has not lost his juice with children, a trick of some aging sports celebs have mastered. "

Quick: Can you see what kind of trailer would play in front of the Tony Hawk movie? I bet you can, just as you know what kind of trailer would play in front of a Disney movie. s for the most part because, like the old Walt himself, Tony Hawk's career grew his passion.

When I met new customers for the first time, I can always tell who's work for their salary and who's to work for their passion Who do you think of Tony Hawk? It's obvious that the audience can communicate with his passion and, consequently, they passionately guarantee their father modern skateboarding.

Do not lose sight of the fact that you want audiences in first place – share your passion Whether your passion is – skateboards, books, movies, hiking, tennis, swiffer-like cleansing – the closer you can wear ð on that passion, the more likely you are to fi and your audience.

Source by Bob Hutchins

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