The iPhone 4 bumper case solves the issue of antenna safety

Apple recently held a press conference about releasing iPhone 4 antennas and signal loss.

Many iPhone 4 customers complained of loss of signal when a finger or hand touched a pot on the lower left of the phone. The signal may be significantly reduced to lose contact if it is in a weak signal area. Numerous laboratory tests have been carried out on the planet to find out the cause and solution. One freely affordable way is to cover the antenna slot with a piece of tape or non-conductive material. This works, but of course not enough. Meanwhile, another efficient, inexpensive, yet pretty doctor on reception desk question to use a bumper.

The bumper case was actually made of silicone material wrapped in the antenna slot without breaking the look of the iPhone 4. So, if you've got your iPhone 4 hand and you suffer from a sign loss problem, or you are planning on the new iPhone 4, bumper case would be a good choice to alleviate your headaches.

It's still a favorite, because it looks stylish, as always, the iPhone 4G again looks at Apple's minimalist design, which is so slim and stylish. Its 3.5-inch display supports the Retina Multi-touch feature – Apple's new offering for ease of daily use. It also has a resolution of 640 x 960 pixels, and such resolution displays all other smartphones.

Source by Calvin Ng

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