The iPhone 4 application allows customers to request the free bumper

Did you notice that iPhone 4 lost a while in a certain way? Specifically, if you hold the iPhone 4 with your left hand or cover the black lines on the bottom of your phone? Apple acknowledged the bug in the phone and the following article will help you protect your iPhone 4 screen with your free bumper / case and prevent it from being received.

The first step to getting a free bumper is to decide which route you like. The two options are in a shop (where you will fight with the masses) or the new app that the apple has graciously created.

App can be found by typing "iPhone Case" in the app's search bar. After you discover the iPhone 4 app, download and install it. After installation, click on the application and follow the simple instructions.

The most unusual / annoying part of the process is the expectation that correlates with all cases / bumper. I found that most of the products offered are waiting for about 3 to 12 weeks. Does the apple pay all called calls during the waiting period? Obviously not; but on the plus side the cases they offer are very nice. They could have been the basic case, but they decided to have all clients access to the most expensive cases.

The most beautiful application application is to allow you to send the case where you want it. This is in sharp contrast to the iPhone 4 ordering process, which forces you to send the phone to your AT & T billing address. If you are a college student, this has forced you to transfer someone to your billing address.

Whatever your situation is, you need to do this application! App will only be available until September 30, 2010. After that time you have to bribe at the expense of the case.

Source by Jeremy Bates

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