The Importance of On-The-Job Training

Confucius once said: "If all I do is hear, I will forget." If I hear and see, I will remember.

On-the-Job Training or OJT is a job training that occurs in the workplace. It has many advantages, but it can also have a few disadvantages if the OJT is not planned and executed properly. It is part of a college curriculum that aims to train and orient students about the work and their future career. It is very important not only to teach students their chosen career but to show students the reality about working.

Most students nowadays are not serious in their training. They do not plan ahead and pick the best company that they can choose. Worst, they ended up cleaning the desk of their superior or doing unrelated tasks.

Here is why students should not take OJT for granted:

1. If you will get a high evaluation grade, your employer may hire you when you graduate.

2nd Your background OJT is very important when applying for a job. Often, employers will ask you the relevance of your training to your course and the position you are applying for.

3rd Some companies will give you a monthly allowance if you are doing well in your tasks.

4th OJT will be your training ground. If you still have no idea what it is meant to be a worker, OJT will give you a hint of career realities.

5th Your OJT superior I recommend your skills to other companies whom he knows.

6th It will give you a sense of confidence that you can use when applying for a job after graduation

7. Helping individuals make informed career choices

Students should realize the importance of OJT on their future career. Having a good performance during OJT is very important now that there is a tight competition for job seekers and the high qualification of companies.

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