The importance of checklist when using smartphone and tablet computer

Let's begin to imagine you're on a plane. Before it leaves the gate, the pilot monitors the checklist. I have looked through the windows before the take-off is coming to see the pilot outside his mind, put his hands on the wings, feeling along the surface to perceive if any of the nails were unseated, check landing gear, machines, inspection of them.

It made me trust to see it and I wonder about 150 passengers on Air Air 1549 airplane Captain Sully, who survived violence on the Hudson River in 2009. Ever since, I always look for the pilot's review. Sometimes I do not see it, but it's a story for another day. The point is that the pilot uses the checklist regularly, so you should.

Now imagine it's a fun time and you need to use a mobile phone like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to meet the criticisms. You'll be better off using the checklist before you go so you do not take the opportunity to do what's done on the go.

Sometimes it's important to have a checklist, but when you are increasing your ability as a world's skillful engineer more times and more expectations of being productive, it's good to learn the methods and tools of a mobile warrior.

Device Instrument Checklist

    Using a checklist like this one is the starting point.
  • Device Update
  • Battery Charging
  • Tilting
  • Access to Work Area
  • Networking
  • Connection Network
  • Collaboration
  • Content and Application Access
  • APPS Updated
  • APPS Updated

    APPS Updated

    APPS Updated


If you've never done this before, it may seem difficult, but step by step you can put together tools, services and applications and learn the methods to get rid of your desktop and be more productive.

With this checklist, you can leave the closet and desk. You may be in the office, but you are not in touch. You are perfectly able to work with the team. You have a device and you know how to use it.

Sometimes it's not enough of what you know about using your mobile phone, because you need to make some big changes, design work, file management or programming and time is really tight. It is under these limited conditions that your checklist is more valuable. You want to make sure that these hours are worry-free and you work at university level.

Source by Douglas J Skinner

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