The Ideas and Disadvantages of iPhone 5

Apple Inc. appears to have been growing taller this year with the latest release of the latest iPhone generation. It has collected five million copies in three days, and the iPhone 5 must be promising.

But what makes this iPhone so different for predecessors that people are gaga over it?

It has a wider screen, not the widest of all smart phones, but the Cupertino giant says it has science. The iPhone is specifically designed to be literally and easy to use. Using the average size of the human thumb As a basis for screen size, the phone is easy to operate in one hand and navigates with your thumb. The back button in the upper left corner makes navigation more difficult because it has a wider screen.

In addition, the handset offers 8 megapixel camera with LED flash. The camera offers 3248-pixel resolution 2448-pixel photos. It has an autofocus capability and this can return the shots. For cameras fans, the same camera offers panoramic shots, face recognition, geographic labeling, and HDR features. Smaller and lighter, but you can not capture the thinnest and lightest weight of the smartphone on the market, but no doubt this is one of the thinnest.

A big upgrade is the biggest visual experience of the 326-inch-inch retina display. An excellent choice for playing and movies. Wishing to see what the core offers from the outside. The latest generation of iOS, faster processor, making everything thought-provoking and fast. In addition, it has a longer battery life, all designed for developers, gamers, movie lovers, and very phone enthusiasts. The idea of ​​having full power and great user interface for your phone without losing power is fantastic.

Another major change Tim Cook and his team say the phone can also be operated by AT & T network users. This feature was not available in all earlier versions of the phone.

Like all iPhone devices, it is protected by the limited software from the technical giant that allows full monopolisation of applications and the legitimacy of approved software.

Another couple of months or maybe a year, and of course the Cupertino tech giant has something new for us, but will enjoy all the options and enjoyment that the iPhone 5 offers.

Source by Priya V Jain

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