The HTC Radar Sports The New Windows Phone Mango Operating System

HTC Radar is one of the first HTC devices to run the new Windows Phone 7.5 (aka Mango) operating system. In this article, I'll review the key features of the phone so you can decide if it's the right smartphone for you.

HTC Radar is quite a good looking handset, and is available in white and silver colors. It measures 120.5x 61.5x 10.9mm, so it's a pretty average in terms of size, but sleek. The front features a 3.2-inch S-LCD capacitive touchscreen that offers a decent resolution of 480x 800. The screen makes great work to produce bright and clear images with up to 16 million visible colors that make it a great choice for those who enjoy multimedia use their smartphone. The screen is made of Gorilla glass, which is proven to be durable than the regular smartphone display, which means it can withstand individual drops on the hard surface.

The specific list of HTC Radar reads much like one would expect from new smartphones; It has 8 GB of internal storage, fast browsing through Wi-Fi and 3G and 5 megapixel camera. The camera comes with an LED flash and shoots up to 720p HD video. You can also get a 1 GHz processor, and although many other new smartphones have dual-processors in their handsets, they are not supported by a Windows Phone handset at the moment (since battery usage does not exceed its performance, depending on Microsoft) . The 1 GHz chip is strong enough to provide high performance, even in touch screening and multitasking, even demanding applications.

New version of Windows Phone, version 7.5 aka Mango is an operating system that is selected. It sets HTC Radar apart from many iOS and Android operating systems that now flow in the market. The OS itself is easy to use, and well presented; Two rows of tiles provide shortcuts for most of the most used applications (these are customizable), with all available applications that can be viewed simply by dropping your finger across the screen.

HTC Radar is likely to appeal to those who are looking for stylish and practical choice with the public handsets that are so true. With the added bonus of an operating system that is gaining popularity, you can expect to see much more HTC Radar in the near future.

Source by Chris Westley

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