The highest resolution ever – iPhone 4

Thanks to Apple's production of Gary Powell and LG, the iPhone 4's display has a density of 326 ppi (pixel) and a size of 960 to 640. Each pixel measures 78 micrometers. The contrast ratio is 800: 1. The Retina Display seems to be a normal image from Apple's 12-inch, human-sized screen. High resolution affects the image quality. However, this picture bridge gathered some criticisms of Raymond Sonei, president of DM Technologies. While it is exaggerated, the iPhone 4 is not up to the hype and works well with customers. In addition to the very few editors, many of them could not draw attention to the phone. Is not the iPhone 4 making the best purchase for anyone?

Your phone has two cameras. While the front panel has a VGA lock that is primarily used for the new FaceTime application, the rear camera is more advanced with 5 megapixel quality, LED flash and HD functionality. With a 720-pixel resolution, you can shoot movies at 30 frames per second and have 5x digital zoom. IOS 4 features video and photo editing with tactile focus for taking photos as never before. Well, the Apple iPhone 4 may not have NASA telescopic camera resolution, but it may or may not be so far in the future. Do not you want to try it out?

Source by Greg Killington

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