The Google Music Store is officially launched

Google has recently launched Google Music Services. This allows users to find and purchase new music and share them with friends in your Google+ account. They can also upload the current music into the "cloud" completely free. Up to 20,000 songs can be uploaded! Users in Google Music will then be able to download and buy streams from the internet or any device (phone, tablet, etc.).

How to Get Your Own Music at Google Music Store

If you're a CDBaby member, your music is easy to use in Google Music. CDBaby handles the distribution of its music on Android Market for free! There is no charge added through CDBaby for the transfer of your music to your new digital partner. If CDBaby is the choice of digital distribution, you do not have to do anything. Automatically transmitted to Google. If you are a control freak and want to perform your account management and registration, you will pay $ 25 to Google. Then create the store to sell your music on Android Market. If you have chosen to create your own site / store, you can choose to distribute later on for CDBaby, but you will not receive a refund for $ 25.

Google Music Explanation

The new store features some cool features for users who are able to buy and instantly transfer music from the "cloud". All songs will be 90 seconds preview for fans who are listening to it. Even those who buy music through Android Market are able to share a free game with their friends on Google+. These are called "Social Recommendations". Uploading and sharing gives the artist the opportunity to get new enthusiasts and more sellers through their site. Daily free music is also available through Android Market.

If you are an artist and not a member of CDBaby, look at it because you do a lot of work that you usually do. CDBaby is one of the few start-up partners that have confirmed Google Music. As a result, CDBaby works directly with Google's engineers and is able to release a music catalog through its direct pathogens. Once the feeds are good, the music will go to Google. One advantage of being a CDBaby member may be to save money for a fee. The existing CD Baby artists have no fees. If you want to pay the $ 25 fee you can. It depends on whether you want to do the job or not. Set up your account and profile using Google Music: & # 39; You will be asked to customize the page, upload songs, and sign up for Google's Terms of Service.

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