The Genre Of IOS Games – What Makes Ios Games For Smartphones A Must Have?

Projects, Adventure, Family or Children, iOS Games have always delivered the best in providing perfect entertainment and fun entertainment.

What makes people crazy about this game?

The game has everything from stunning graphics, beautiful characters to vibrant color and brilliant gameplay. There is always a competition in the Appstore on top of the charts, but who does it top? Is it a game with good gameplay, or those with great stuff?

You can not really judge it, can you? Then how is it, even simple game with not so good graphics or with what theme it is to "Top". What makes Apple able to list them in Top 10?

One of the most important is the number of downloads and popularity of games, but once again the question arises, is it the game developed by popular game makers only at the top of the movie?

With too many questions and confusion, many people tend to download games with the highest number of reviews, ratings and downloads, either like it or not. There are plenty of games out there with great graphics and great gameplay, which goes unnoticed.

You are like Angry Birds but you like Shoot the birds which has magnificent graphics and vivid gameplay? What's missing in Shoot the birds, why did not it pass?

As a player, I even like some of the games that have made it to say Top 50, but there are also many other games that do not have.

Some of my favorite games, like Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, etc., are a popular set of games.

But the Heartbreak, The Bird Word, Untangled HD, Doodle Car HD, Bubble Trap and Magic Paths HD, and many others to mention, also fall under my personal favorite.

What makes the latter pages less popular than originally named games? No answer right? I'm not comparing, but all I want to transfer is, there are many so good games in the Appstore, which are overlooked for some or other reason. We as players can bring such games to the public & # 39; notice either by viewing the game or asking a friend / family member to play and review it.

Give it a second thought because there are hundreds of games out there in the Appstore with great potential to provide comprehensive entertainment for all ages.

I have to play more games. See you on the Leaderboard. Ciao!

Source by Namratha V

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