The first five iPhone apps to help boost digital ads

I'm dealing with digital media, web design, photography, film production and design. I like technology, but when I came to the iPhone, I was not sure whether or not I decided. I tried to weigh my options and finally decided to buy a "cough for my job" cough *. Despite my argument getting half up to persuade myself, the iPhone was worth the monthly outgoing money. Surprisingly, I was surprised at how effective the iPhone and the apps are with it. I guide you through my first five free applications that help me in my daily work.

The first place is the Skype application. I often use Skype to call clients as a mentor of my job as a web site. My customers' calls are always pre-arranged, so if I can not get my laptop for some reason, I always have my iPhone that has at least 3g of 9 out of 10 out of 10 to allow me to call Skype . Another great advantage of this application is that I work on trays at a client on a farm where my phone does not exist, but there is a wifi in the office that allows me to call on Skype if I can not make normal calls due to the lack of a phone line.

The second great application is BlogPress. Adding a lite is free or you can buy an upgraded version. BlogPress runs on many of the blog software's software, which is great for me, as I can run various blogs, bloggers, WordPress, and Joomla through various blogs, and this small app can edit all of these platforms (and create posts) directly from the iPhone. This may be useful if you receive an email or a call from a customer who is changing something NOW! and not at your desk. Simply sign in and edit it until your heart reaches.

My third most popular application is Adobe Ideas, not only with this application you can draw vector illustrations, draw photos, you can make your photo a separate layer of drawing, so you can hide the photo. little cheats and traces something. The great features for this application are that the "canvas" can magnify the magnification for detailed details of the "idea". After that, you can send emails to anyone in PDF format, I often send email to myself so that I can first check my computer on the big screen. Another very useful feature is that PDF is a very high resolution, so if you want to work directly from PDF, you do not have to bring your idea back to your computer. Ive experimented with the signature, so it worked very well, I just imported the PDF into Illustrator and edited it from there.

The fourth issue is 2Do Lite. With this applet, you can set the todo calendar for various topics, such as setting work, home, birthdays, and email reminders. This is a very good organizational application that helps keep control. I prefer you than normal calendars, I feel like you're working more efficiently, working a lot better than Filofax. One great thing with this app is that if you get instructions on phone instructions and do not want to forget any detail, do not write it down directly to the note, send the note to yourself so when your setting on your desktop opens and is there.

The last app I mention in the SE Guide, I was surprised with this application, but I use a lot more than I would have thought. This essentially contains some RSS feeds on an SEO site that is implemented in an iPhone application. This is just an RSS feed that does not really sound like much of a app, but I've been reading articles for much more than my RSS reader client or my Google reader. One of the things I'm on my computer is waiting for something to export, and I have an iPhone hand so I've read SEO articles. The lucky feature is that if I find an interesting article, I'll send you an email directly via the app so I can read the full screen later, print and archive a web tip in my big collection, and so on.

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