The first day of Apple Fanboy with Android

The iPhone revolution started in the era of smartphones. As the iPhone 3G is my first smartphone, I'm used to the simplified iPhone operating system. Like many other iPhone users, I became an Apple fanboy. All other options were closed and I fought between Apple and Google on the arrival of the first Android phone.

As someone who has always loved technology and has argued for months with my colleague Tristan Thomas about the operating system better, I've decided to break down the barriers and throw my iPhone for a month to try the new " iPhone Killer ", the Sprint HTC EVO 4G.

It's been a day so far and I've got my thoughts so far: [EVO4Gésaz1GHzSnapdragonProcessorPleaseseehowitworksAppleúj1GHz-A4-eschipjeazújiPhone4-compare


As an iPhone competitor I think they improve their browsers from the start detention. Although I like Apple Safari, Adobe Flash is indeed an improvement that I think Apple needs to reconsider.

Marketplace and Applications

Unfortunately, the market is a bit smarter than the App Store to find what you need.

Applications are what competitors expect from a competitor. However, the gaming department is missing. The only problem I've seen in Android OS apps is that after trying to download one of the games, I asked you to "put it in" to work. The only problem is that I do not have a physical keypad, and that's worrying me.

The EVO 4G 4.3 "screen is one of the finest screens that you can even see on such a tiny device: the resolution is crisp, clear, vibrant and the largest screen, even a great one to replace my HDTV Not really, but this new benchmark on mobile devices may be one day.

The EVO 4G screen size makes the unit too large that the device will sleep with your index finger, because there is no other button than the top to awaken the phone from sleep and not feeling as comfortable as the iPhone in my pocket. that it takes time to get used to it, but it did not take me long to get used to the iPhone keyboard at the first launch. Cut, copy and paste is not so easy I was hoping for the int, nor the cursor in the letters, numbers, etc. Moved between. If we have such a magnifying glass, Android is not. Touching Android to skip the numbers and accents and press to remove the keyboard, which is really what I will not expect in the next few weeks. 19659002] Although I have not tested the battery, it seems to be as good as my iPhone 3Gs on the basis of how quickly all the uses have been drained. EVO 4G and Android are certainly a highlight of my interest, and I'm glad I decided to try it. So far, I feel that Apple's iPhone interface is much simpler, but Android is in the right direction. There are definitely new features that I support, such as gadgets, full integration with Google, stored notifications, and Flash. However, I do not like the inability to initiate calls and to use data, though this is only a CDMA network failure. I'm worried that applications are compatible as I mentioned above and I can understand my phone over the 30-day period.

Forgive me if I'm a bit biased. Maybe my perspective changes with the extended use of EVO.

I'm pre-ordering the iPhone 4 on June 15, 30 days later, waiting for another article. In this case, I will decide whether to keep this phone after trying to try the new iPhone 4 for approx. 15 days, halfway through the EVO 4G 30 days.

Source by Tristan J Thomas

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