The Facebook Smartphone Strategy

Rumors about Facebook phones have changed for a couple of months now, and every time a Facebook area, Facebook denies it's true. Now, although Facebook has obviously missed out of having Facebook Smartphone, mobile phones have definitely begun to surface and they have a dedicated Facebook button and the media have called them Facebook phones, even if they are not.

Facebook Phone Company

While Facebook works actively with many handlers to encourage development, Facebook will showcase anywhere in the phone except on the button. Manufacturers are HTC and a British manufacturer called INQ, both of which come in two different types, each with a Facebook button.

The idea is that the handset will come with a button that is decorated with Facebook-short "letter" that lets you access user profiles but allows automatic image and music installation or sharing a single-page web page. Due to the Facebook logo, the phones will overestimate more than regular smartphone. It is said that Facebook users are willing to invest up to one hundred dollars more for an entire hardware platform, to make it easier to send information on the phone in a cold way that they listen to their phone?

Social Phone

What would be the purpose of building a handset that is designed to connect directly to Facebook? Facebook is already available on all smartphones, laptops, tablets or other networks with keyboard and display by downloading Facebook application, available for any OS platform. For a dedicated Facebook user, a dedicated button would be comfort and nothing more. Should users pay extra you can take pictures and click on a single button on the image on a Facebook account?

For those who are not dedicated Facebook users, take time to sign in to format and upload photos, the "outdated" way is not necessarily a problem. One has the idea that it could have a programmable application to monitor user activity and then prepare to upload the image with user consent. In fact, many Facebook central applications do it when and the appliance correctly places on your home screen on your smartphone. What is the difference between installing an application and pressing a button? The question is whether a dedicated button really is so much productivity increase.

Facebook phone is more representative of the well-known popularity of the social network operator and the growth of the smartphone as the default Internet access and information technology. President Obama's initiative is a testimony to the fact. Physical buttons are not really needed, and it's not important to reduce the steps needed to upload information, except for those who are very active users. Some highly legitimate groups make Facebook a key part of the business community, and many companies have active profiles and use them for sale. Social groups also use Facebook to organize activities and update information to their members for social reasons. If any group had a "real" need for "Facebook Smartphone" would it be, right?

Real Facebook Phone Market

It's hard to imagine that companies or social welfare groups spend thousands of dollars to create their Facebook Facebook members when simple "standard" smartphones would do just a few steps. So, what is the Facebook phone with a hard connection mean? Those who, as Facebook, have become an essential and important part of their social life, and who believe it's faster to update their status or get that cool image, the faster their better life is.

Hollywood mavens come to mind and as a result, the market for these smartphones will exist because it will be for any Facebook IS IS. Then we will see others who combine Android with custom hardware to create their own phones, even companies with sufficient employees will go to China and have thousands of phones made for their own design. The mobile phone market was just born and there will be many new phones for many reasons, custom units, branded units and other variations will happen, the Facebook pone was simply the first.

Source by Bob T Wilson

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