The eight best Android apps

There are countless applications in the toy store – so much to sometimes choose the right app for your work. However, after thoroughly examining some of the popular applications, I reduced the most popular applications in the toy store.


Google Voice is ranked first in my list because it comes from Google, so it can integrate with any Android phone or Android device. Google's voice assigns a phone number that can receive calls on all Android devices, and you have the option to add as many Android devices as you can. The application has a built-in lively yet precise spam filter that works wonderfully to filter out spam messages and protects data protection. The application allows you to make international calls and send text messages. It also works on the desktop.


Google Hangouts makes the 2nd issue in my lists for the same reason as Google Voice. I need to have a say on Google-developed apps for seamless integration with Android devices – the same is true for Google Hangouts. In addition, in most respects, it is very similar to Google's voice and users can download them out of the United States, unlike the Google Voice, limited to US users.


Viber puts my list on the third place because it integrates the phone line and allows them to make calls and texts for free – as the contacts use Viberet as well. It's the best all over the world, it works around the world, makes it easy – and totally free – to let anyone contact your friends and family abroad.

Fourth digit:

The Facebook application quadruples on my list – simply because – well, Facebook. This is the most popular social media web site, and it is only logical that the Android application is just as popular.

Fifth issue:

The fifth place is the Avast Mobile security application. What makes Avast the fifth place? Well, it has many features at a time like remote deletion, secure web surfing, and battery management. Best of all, absolutely free, unlike its competitors – and not to mention – the phone's processor is extremely easy.

6th number:

Numbering to six locations is Locking Folder; a privacy application that has many features, allowing you to hide images, videos, documents, and users, allows you to save accepting credit card information using the in-app secure wallet. What makes this application unique is the fact that all private files and folders can be accessed with a single password or unlock pattern. Although there are other similar applications in the store, this is one of the most comprehensive, which consists of several data security features that are part of an application.

7th Number:

Android WebMD is the seventh place on my list because medical emergencies should be a healthcare application. The application helps you diagnose your illness by asking serious questions about the symptoms you are experiencing. The application can also find nearby healthcare professionals in the local environment.

8th Number:

The takeover of the eighth place is another health application, Sleep Bot. This application allows you to track your sleep cycle and help good night sleep; it also records the groan, groans and snores under the dream. The app is designed to record sleep patterns and provide a static sketch for your sleep cycle. Using the smartphone accelerometer, the application analyzes the sleep conditions during sleep sensing. Additionally, depending on the duration of the alarm time, the application has a smart alarm function that is configured to awaken in the lightest sleep state.

Source by Joshua William Bagby

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