The difference between iPhone 3G and 2nd generation iPod Touch

For non-skilled eyes Apple's latest iPhone 3G and 2nd generation iPod Touch are one and the same – at least in appearance. Both have a high resolution 3.5-inch screen that fits perfectly with the sleek, smooth frame on which it is attached.

Both have conical edges that make the device feel much less than it really is and allow for comfortable grip for anyone. The exterior of the plastic is arguable – a bit fragile compared to both devices – an original aluminum frame. However, iPod Touch is undoubtedly more durable than the iPhone 3G – however, both have the sensitivity of fingerprints or blur.

There were several new (and original) implementations for both devices. For example, an iPhone 3G has an interesting sensor that can detect the ear near your device. It also has a battery pack that allows up to 5 hours of talk time (25 hours of music if you like).

The iPod Touch features an interesting "Genius" feature that allows the user to create an instant 25-track playlist that is composed of the same musical attributes. This means that 25 songs are immediately marked on the computer's sound. It will not work if the "Genius" feature is disabled on your iTunes account. For users who prefer their privacy, this may be a problem because iTunes monitors playlists.

Apple has shown itself to be able to show higher-volume audio for the iPhone 3G, but unfortunately, iPod Touch has been properly preserved. The performance of the two devices is double the number of other brands in the market. The average speed of the iPhone is 300-500 kbit / s, but it can reach 700-800 kbps compared to the foreign networks.

The iPod Touch resembles the iPhone partner in the smallest detail of performance. Things like album covers and scrolling menus are glitchless and remarkable smooth. You can resize or flip images in the same flawed rhythm you've always dreamed of.

The iPhone has one on iPod Touch, but when it comes to software. Implementing the Skyhook WiFi based GPS system Apple application will always let you know where they are. It's better than anything else that can be found on the market and incorporates the technology found only in sci-fi novels.

Source by Frederick B Johnson

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