The Difference Between Glitz and Natural Beauty Pageants

This week I got the same question from two different mothers as daughters, both of whom want to be Miss America sometime.

What's the difference between glitz

Both glittering and natural journalists can help young girls develop self-esteem and levels in the immediate environment. But there is a big difference between the glitter and natural parts of the world. To understand where my point of view comes from, I should first point out that two young girls want to compete in the Miss America system. Secondly, I am a specialized natural trainer with my knowledge of continuing writing, interview / communication skills and positive self-image.

Natural Pageants

Pageant systems covered by this category are the American American Miss (NAM), the American Coed Pageant (COED) , International Junior Miss (IJM), American Teen Teenager (ANTSO), Cinderella, Teen-World, Miss USA, Ms. America, Ms. United States and Mrs. International. There are many more than this, a sample of familiar systems for people in the field.

  • Generally speaking, the procedure for children under 12 years is zero. Some will only allow mascara and lashes on the stage under bright light. Makeup used by teens and women is to enhance natural beauty, not to become a focus or to look like someone they are not. The same goes for the hairstyle. Always be sure to check with your director about accuracy for your festival.
  • Clothing is tasteful and sparkling with it; But is not too much. Wardrobe is usually purchased from a rack in a store and subtle decorated or customized by the contestant to reflect his understanding of personality and style. The wardrobe is always bringing attention back to the girl wearing it. Not on the other hand.
  • Modeling style for gown is elegant and sleek. Arms and hands are close to the body that moves in natural opposition (when you step with your right foot, your left arm is on and so on).
  • Facial versions are natural with the energy of the eye and a smiley match.
  • Communication skills are developed through the implementation of their own forums, personal interviews and questions about the level.

What is good for natural festivals? Participants who enjoy talking, are qualified in artistic talent, make a good grade, have a charity because they are passionate and well-rounded individuals tend to excel in natural festivals.

Glitz Pageants

There are many great journalists around the country. If your child is blessed with facial beauty, this can be the place to start. Glitz pageants offer opportunities for young children to take advantage of being on stage before they can speak.

  • In glitz pageants you will see the use of hairpieces, heavy make-up, deep spray, fake teeth (called flippers), false eyelashes and color contacts worn by the majority of competitors.
  • Dress for the dressing table is usually a chocolate dress dress . Cupcake dress is a few inches above the knee, has many layers of lace and is heavily stoned and bedazzled. Most of the dresses you see on the TV series Toddler and Tiaras are ballet dresses and are taken on glitz pageants.
  • Glitz pageants have their own style of the model. Because of the full ball, the contestants learn to walk their hands away from their bodies, with their fingertips gentle curve around the outer roll of the dress. As they walk, their movements do not go to natural opposition. Instead, they go in the same direction (if you step out with your right foot, move your right arm slightly).
  • Facial expressions tend to be exaggerated with lots of eyelash batting, leaning his head from side to side and blowing a kiss.
  • The opportunity to develop verbal communication skills is limited to glitz pageants . If a competitor speaks, it's short or just to say her name, age and where she's from. This may be because most contestants are children and toddlers, as numbers are not yet developed. Again, the emphasis is on external beauty.

What's happening in glitz pageants? Participants who really enjoy getting all dressed to create new characters on stage will love glitz pageants. The choirs are bigger than the child's head and the titles are twice the height of them. There are usually plenty of prizes too.

Just be sure your child can tolerate hair persecution, his eyelashes glued on and wearing a lot of makeup. Glitz pageants are high maintenance and expensive. They are very popular and easy to find for children under 5 years of age.

Because the glitz environment is about creating illusion is difficult, but not impossible for children who have only made glitz pageants into a natural festival show when they grow old.

So to answer the second part of the question about what adventure show I'd recommend, as these two little girls Want to be Mrs. America some day (and what 10 years old do not want to be) I would say to stand by the natural pageant.

Source by Rhonda Shappert

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