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Imagine this. While sitting in the tube or in the subway, reading the "Daily Misery", they try to read the neighbors' eyes while turning the page. You notice that this other guy read the same paper as you, but on the iPhone!

Science fiction – not at all – any part of reality and the Ereader explosion that revolutionizes the future reading mode. One of the most successful products of Amazon Kindle Ereader is phenomenal sales, even for a little $ 299. Kindle books have grown from $ 70k to $ 300, and newspapers and magazines are ready for immediate download, wherever they are. Some of these releases are free and some are not, even the bestseller is available in these formats for about $ 9.99 a time that seems cheap but too high on the Ebook.

Now the humble e-book has been with us for years, PDF has long accepted the universal format of electronic books that has never been attacked. In the past, a number of attempts have been made to create a reliable format for reading books by hand, but regrettably failed, resolution, navigation, and print size are overwhelming in the eye.

However, the Kindle changed everything with its unique electronic ink and paper technology, while reading was indeed a pleasure and more comfortable. Over the past 2 years, Amazon has provided readers with a benchmark and has a new life in the tired eBook market, but the crown is a serious threat. Currently, if you are in the United States, then Ereader is compared to the Kindle like MP3 and iPod, and this powerful Apple comes from the threat.

The Ereader Throne

Currently, Kindle is only available in states while its competitors are virtually globally available. Sony Ereader has about 30% of Ereader's market, while Amazon's product is 45%, but it's only in the US. Yes Europe is currently without Kindle, but the iPhone is certainly not, and now independent developers have created free Ereader applications that provide the same service as its competitors.

Globally, the word iPhone is iconic, while in addition to the United States, the Kindle is very small, so the Ereader crown is coming and it will be interesting to see that Apple is approaching this small, but fast-growing market. The Kindle is a trick pony and the iPhone certainly is not, and it can work in the Kindle as a dedicated Ereader is always likely to favor large book readers. While iPhone is for favorite readers who like reading, such as newspapers and magazines, or even copying them to exams, making notes, and so on. Yes, you can convert your own documents – if you know that of course. Readers are pretty useless without offering good books and competition because it is just as sharp for some readers who support their own systems. The iPhone has a few libraries that use the reader application the Stanza and Bookshelf as well as the Books on Board library as handheld formats. Even large stores such as Waterers and Barnes & Noble have recognized the potential and have begun offering their books in one or another form.

"One format or another" Since this is reliably new technology, the usual format problem is – VHS Betamax time again. There are about 4-5 formats and, of course, dedicated subscribers for each of them. PDF is not selectable for Ereaders, so fast it's easy. As the fight continues in a standard format, the stake called EPUB seems to be good, but tears will be released before the stakeholders make a final decision. Even two formats would be catastrophic and would let go of people.

Technology is still in its infancy, and formats are in a mess, the information is fragmented, confusing and rather unusual, but I'm sure a clear picture will soon be on the focus.

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http://www.iPhonebookshelf.com/ [[19659002] PS Life In Europe I have no idea how good the Kindle is, but I hope to find out soon. Honestly, I'm surprised at the popularity of these things, as they still prefer the feeling and smell of hardware books but over and over again are other generations. Dinosaurs with laptops.

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