The Cyber ​​Shot camera mobile phone from Sony Ericsson phone

Sony recently announced a new line of digital cameras that produce high-definition output. These cameras are designed to offer crystal clear viewing. This latest line of digital cameras is known as the Cyber-shot Sony W-Series compact DSC-W200, DSC-W90 and DSC-W80 digital cameras.


All these Sony Cyber-shot W digital cameras offer direct connectivity to the HDTV with Carl Zeiss 3x optical zoom lens and traditional eye-catching views, along with large 2.5-inch LCD monitors. This is a 12 mega pixel digital camera that is a compact of all this series. The next row is the 8 megapixel DSC W90 and DSC W80 digital cameras.


All Sony W Series digital cameras have a built-in slide show. This facilitates playback of images made with pans, fades and wipes transitions with backdrop clips that the user has selected. Directly connected to HDTV, they are ideal for integrating full 1080 HD video viewing with home theater. This series of digital cameras on the Internet is designed by new face detection devices that can detect up to eight faces in the LCD frame. In addition, it is supported by auto flash, auto focus and white balance mode and exposure. Multi-point auto focus (AF) feature automatically determines the correct focus up to 9 points within the frame.

Blur Prevention

The new feature of this digital camera is a super-stable camera with the standard camera that causes blurred vision often caused by the camera. They have high sensitivity settings that stand up to ISO03200, which is useful to prevent motion blur. In addition, Sony W Series digital cameras use Sony's Clear RAW noise reduction technology to minimize image shots that occur during ISO speed shooting.

Newest Cyber ​​Shot

The latest Sony W Series digital camera has added new features that allow users to edit images while moving, thanks to the choice of image processing options that can be selected according to to the need. This eliminates working time by using a computer. These camera cameras have the Sony Dynamic Range Optimizer to determine the best lighting and playback for each image before it is compressed into JPEG files.

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