The Best List of iPhone Apps Ever – Part 2

So far I've shared five very good iPhone apps. Now with 5 others. These are tried and true applications that have been reused and reused, and none of them have been disappointed.

Again, I'm sure many (or similar) are available for other smartphones. [19659002] If there are others you feel you should be in this list, do not hesitate to comment. Do not forget that sharing is sexy.

CheckPlease – I used to wear a small card to make sure I worked in a restaurant store and I have friends and family who did this so I know how to be a heavy server. Now with CheckPlease, good advice is the best solution in the world; especially for people who are mathematically challenging like me. Enter the check amount, the number of payers and the percentage payment (15% is always a good start), then the voila! You have to give the tip exactly as well as the final amount. I like.

OpenTable – While talking about restaurants, do not you hate calling and booking on the phone? They usually hold at least two times before telling the person why he calls. Maybe you wake up at 6 o'clock and you decide to have dinner at Red Lobster that night. Well, it's likely that Red Lobster will not be open at 6 o'clock. And you have a chance, maybe you're so busy you forget the reservation later. This is where the OpenTable application is useful. Book your bookings directly from your phone at 6 o'clock and continue. You can do this online on a computer connected to the Internet, but who wakes up on a computer in her bed? Creepy.

The Weather Channel – In addition to being a celebrity, I'm a little obsessed with the weather. This is one of the first applications to be checked every morning. If there is a severe weather in my area, I really need to know. This may be the decisive factor for later dinner reservations. I've tried others, but the Weather Channel application has proved to be the most accurate so far. – This is a money-saving app. I've been in my favorite bookstore several times when I bought a book when I remember it was probably much cheaper on Amazon. Rapidly checking your application will almost always save $ 5 or more. I can buy this book faster on my phone than at the counter. Of course I have to wait for a few days to get the book, but saving a few dollars in this economy is very worth the wait. [19645002] Dropbox – Remember the floppy disks? I'm sure there are landfills that overflow the planet. This was the only way to transfer files from one computer to another. In fact they were very effective for what we needed. Somewhere along the way, however, we needed more and more storage space and the floppy disk went along the path of the dinosaur. Together with CDs, DVDs, portable hard disks and thumb drives. All this is great, as long as you remember bringing it with you. An even better idea for online storage. You will always be there while you have access to the Internet. And let's face it, there's almost nowhere on the planet that you're going to use a computer and you do not have access to the Internet. Dropbox is a leader of online storage, in my humble opinion. I put it on my laptop, desktop, and iPhone. At any time I want to save a file that I think I will need "with me", I went to Dropbox. As long as my computer is connected to the Internet, the file will be saved to my other 2 devices. I can now access the burden of the last family gathering at any time if I have to look at brothers and sisters.

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