The Best Free iPhone Apps Written and tested

Do you feel in the dark in a flashlight? This app turns your iPhone into
flashlight fast and easily. This is ideal when you are looking for your keys or are trying to track something down in your car.

The Ereader
Forget about the bulky and bulky Kindle, this app makes your iPhone an eBook reader. You
can buy and download them in Reader or Fictionwise as well as many other stores in the library. EReader is a great little tool.

If you're a memorable writer, and have misplaced them, or simply forgetting
about them, then this app is a great way to tear down all the things that are jotted down all
over the apartment and move them with you. It even syncs your iPhone to your computer or Mac. How big is this?

For those who simply can not live without updating your friends every second after 19459003. With this application, you can improve your heart.

This app allows you to upload content to a blog or upload photos to your site, and even let your servers know when you have something new to your site, as it tweets them automatically. There is little fishing – you must use their web service.

Remote App
In connection with your Wi-Fi network, turn the phone into a remote control and enjoy the way through the house. Why do you go to the couch when this app plays the music you want without you
to need to move.

Save Benjis
My personal favorite, as I am constantly looking for the best deal. This iPhone app allows you to track the best meeting on the web by comparing an item with up to a thousand other stores. Over fifteen million products can be searched and compared. In addition, you can buy products and read reviews directly from the phone too!

Source by Sean Redfearn

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