The best e-book readers, 2011

Today, the eBook reader is everywhere. We have the iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader and a host of others. Additionally, eReaders are constantly striving for market dominance and set standards for the dominant market. This war has been added to the classroom and the tool that becomes the ideal tool for the classroom will certainly be the cash cow for the company in its possession. Below are some of the tools that can be part of each student backpack.

The Kindle
has a variety of Amazon Kindle types that target different demographic categories with different price points. The idea is that there is a Kindle that is attractive in every segment of the market. Depending on the type, approx. You can book 1500-3500 books. You can connect to the internet wirelessly and download books. The Kindle is able to download Word documents and PDF wirelessly and has been the Amazon jewel so far. It has sold well and many people are satisfied with their features.

The Nook
The Nook is Barnes and Noble's eReader. Like the Kindle, you can hold up to 1,500 books with an excellent color touch screen that's easy on your eyes and you can download books in seconds to Nook. It has a unique future that allows users to exchange books with their friends or networks they belong to, such as a book club.

It also works as a Nook mp3 player and can listen to audio books. In other times, the Nook includes notes, highlighting pages, marking texts on pages while reading and searching for words.

The iPad
The iPad is a great converter for e-readers. With the launch of the iPad, Apple brought a wrench on the market for other e-readers. This is a complete computer that comes as a lightweight and flat module. Its high-touch color display, virtual keyboard and a very user-friendly interface. When you read a book or a magazine, the display is very book-backed and can actually turn the pages on the screen as a physical book.

Apple has been in a long relationship with education, as its former computers, such as MAC, have become more or less the standard of schools for decades. They have a huge advantage over eReader as this product can simply be synchronized with a student's computer in plug and play mode. Apple's advantage is iTunes, a platform where books, magazines, videos, music and performances are easy to download.

This module is easily connected to the Apple App Store, so applications available to iPhone can be used. A good example is the iBook App, which is the app that allows you to work as an iPad eReader. It is projected that over the next few years, as cross functionality as a full-fledged personal computer, the iPad will be the one that can be found in most student back packs.

Keeping your textbooks in day-to-day is one of the biggest problems faced by students. On the iPad, more than one truckload of textbooks can be stored in the form of e-books, liberating space for students backpack and prevent back strain. The environment will also be beneficial, as fewer trees are cut off to have the issue of textbooks and missing books disappeared.

Source by IK Johnson

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