The best city you go for a mobile phone under 100 GBP

Orange San Francisco

San Francisco may have a little weird name, but it does not matter that you do not need to set up a handsfree phone even when you watch a mobile phone under £ 100. San Fran not only looks like a precious smartphone, but it's also important that it's part of it too. The phone comes with a 3 "touch screen, 3G and Wi-Fi connection and 3 mega pixel camera. It uses Android as its operating system, so you also have full access to the Android Market to get apps and personalize the phone. Its price level is around 90 – £ 100, it does not feel cheap and there are no obvious shortcuts in the design, and the overall speed of the phone is impressive and makes this handset very tempting.

T-Mobile Pulse Mini

The mini creates its name: it's small, light and cheap and makes it a perfect choice for anyone who wants a phone It does not take much space or requires a lot of money. In spite of its small size, Mini offers great customization and features comparable to some of the more expensive smartphones available online. The phone has a large number of home screens that can be used to add a wide variety of devices too and, unlike some cheaper phones, it's fast enough that it can really continue if you want to add some challenging devices and applications to your home screen. T-Mobile also offers this phone by costing almost a year free mobile information that makes it perfect for people who want to get online with their phone but do not want to pay big costs for data usage. You can pick up a Mini for between £ 80- £ 100 by dealer.

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic

As the name suggests, the 5530 Nokia phone is all about the media and this handset that can take up to £ 60- £ 80 is a great choice if you have not already get a specific MP3 player and don & # 39; T will spend a large amount of money on the more expensive music phone from HTC or Apple. What you get with the 5530 in terms of music and media playback experience is not much different from what you could get when you pay more than £ 300 for a similar phone, which is something that should be clapped. Although the phone is based on Symbian and therefore does not have as many customization options, and Android phones are available for similar prices, it is packed with numerous pre-programs, and it's definitely worth considering whether you want a phone like that ; T struggling to play any media you want to throw on it.

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