The Battle of the Operating System, Android Vs iOS:

Android is Google's power software but iOS is Apple's power tool. IOS software can only be on an Apple device but Android is used in several devices by different companies like Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, etc. IOS software is said to be user friendly compared to Android due to unique designs and uniform elements.

Both operating systems come to life. Android was created by Google and iOS was developed by Apple. When you are in a competitive market, do you have to be different than what is best for you? To find out, check out these three important categories.


Android gives almost unlimited access and allows settings to be changed. Applications, lock screen and shortcuts have unlimited options. IOS is not nearly as flexible. While this means that a product that works with iOS is less likely to have a configuration corrupted by the user, it also means you have less freedom to do what you want with it. Android strikes iOS when it comes to customization.


For iOS users who are limited, it's hard to mess. The freedom of Android is complicated. IOS is consistent across all its products. I can feel confident that my 71-year-old grandmother will be an iPad, and she probably would not fight it. Android works best for people who are a little technical savvy and for those who want something a bit more unique. If you need a user-friendly interface, Apple can be the right choice.


Another important factor is safety. Because iOS is consistent across all products, it means it's much easier to upgrade your devices and fix security patches. Android is used on many different products and businesses, which means that security patches are slower and often require more patch and adaptation, so user is sensitive.

So who's better? While Android can boast that they are the best in custom and compatibility, iOS requires better user interface and security. Consider your needs to decide what type of product best suits your needs and lifestyle.

If we compare these software to devices while iOS is very expensive compared to Android. Android is now the most used software in the world. Most phones, people use, run by Android but only Apple devices are operated by iOS. Here, first let's compare Android with iOS:



Google Power

Apple Power

Apple Power

Released in 2008


Released in 2007

Source Model is Open

Source Footer is Near Open Source

File transfer is very easy. Can host a Windows phone too

Difficult compared to Android. No possibility to share with other software

Google game console that offers applications to run on this software

The Apple Store offers applications for running on IOS

] 32 languages ​​are available

34 language options are available

Battery life and management can be enhanced according to phone variation

iOS device does not contain much larger battery and

Third-Party Third Party Security (Nexus and Amazon Third-Party Programming)

The security of the phone and software is tight because data never expires without Keep on device and home app Store (Apple Store)

About, user interface and experience, Android is popular but iOS devices are considered as for the elite community community v Own pricing, strategy and elegant iPhone design. Overall, both software provide feature features and experience especially for people. A wide selection of choices is available to choose what you like most. Design and Use Indicator.

Source by Maryam Nasrullah

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