The basics of the smartphone

Smartphone is a mobile phone that is actually much more than just a phone. It looks like every year, or even sooner, with rapid technological progress, more and more features are added to these smartphones. The first smartphone actually came out in 1992. It was a concept phone, but it could even send email and fax. Now they can do a lot and lots of things. You can browse the web, view your email and follow your friends on a variety of social networks. They have games on them and GPS capabilities, as well.

Smartphones are also great for organizing your life. They have many calendars and scheduling options, calculators, and they also have full address books, where you can enter many information for each post.

One thing that has proved very good that smartphones have a camera. People are now able to click on pictures (some even take a video) at times of life they would usually not have a camera with them. So we're catching thumbnails of life that we were not used to seeing.

There are many different styles of this phone, but most come with a little pen called style, which lets you enter information on your phone. And many of them come with a fully-featured "qwerty" keyboard.

PDA, an electronic personal organizer, was the device that many had first. Since then, the mobile phones really started to function as a PDA itself, and now that's what many people have and use every day. A lot of people would be completely lost without their smartphones, which is actually one of the negative things about them. By combining all our personal devices, we have put ourselves in a bad state if we lose our smartphones, because we lose all this information.

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