The advantages offered by the iPhone 4S – Its main advantages

Here are some advantages and advantages of having the iPhone 4S versus iPhone 4:

1. Performance

With a similar A5 dual processor, the Apple iPhone 4S is twice faster than iPhone 4. Graphics is also incredibly fast, 7 times faster than its predecessor. One has no reason to worry about having a wealth of programs now because we now have the hardware that can respond to them.

2. Camera

The grand 8MP camera, which can do all the dots and shooting cameras can, is now introduced to the iPhone 4S. It can take pictures in very high resolution and in broad dimensions. It is clear that you can finish 8 images with 10 dimensional images as well. The phone also offers enhanced exposure sensors and amazing infrared filters for better color travel.

3. Camera

iPhone 4S now has the ability to record full HD videos at 1080p. The camera also comes with new and useful features including temporary noise reduction and image stability.

4. Siri

Siri is its own pre-installed digital personal assistant iPhone that uses voice and artificial intelligence. It's great multi-tasker. It can even record different names, namespace, and even email. Its communications technology understands plain language and has good access to information about an online database.

5. AirPlay Mirroring

Mirroring features AirPlay is more appropriate for Apple TV users and can be mirrored on their own TV with Apple TV. That means you can do everything you do on the iPhone. It's also wireless and you can use iPhone as a controller to play games.

6. Better antenna

iPhone 4S has a redesigned dual antenna to add reception and you can choose the network between two networks to increase the quality of your calls.

7. Battery life

Even after having amazing features and applications, the handset has a good battery life, where you can talk about 8 hours on 3G while browsing can take up to 6 hours. The best part is that you can listen to music for 40 hours with one charge and also with a delay of 200 hours.

8. Design

iPhone 4S is one of the smoothest handsets in the market and continues to be original and striking in appearance. It's even portable enough to fit well in your pocket.

9. Applications

It's Apple's strict software software that helps you get the best of the facts. With 500,000+ apps, the App Store is definitely a lot to offer.

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