The advantages and disadvantages of the OtterBox iPhone 4 Case Defender Series

The OtterBox iPhone 4 Case Cover is an iPhone case for OtterBox Fort Collins, Colo. The company produces 3 series iPhone 4 cases, namely the Defender series, the Commuter series and the series of Utilities. Each series has slightly different characteristics than the others. In this article, I will talk about the Defender series.

The Defender Series emphasized the security of the iPhone. As the name implies, it really protects the iPhone 4 for any undesired damage. I mean, because we often use the tool, there will be time when we accidentally throw it onto the floor, concrete or any hard surface.

The Defender series is made of two specialty materials: plastic and silicone. The inside is made of a strong plastic that works as a shell for your iPhone. It's very strong that if you throw it away, the iPhone will be okay. In order to effectively protect the iPhone 4, additional silicone will be added to the outside of the case. The silicone material is shock absorbing. In addition, the rubber part functions like a pliers that does not allow the iPhone 4 to slip easily out of his hand.

The appearance of these OtterBox series is not bad at all. Available in 8 color variations. Black, black plastic / red silicone, Zircone blue, white plastic / black silicone, white plastic / purple silicone, white and warm pink plastic / black silicone.

These colors can distinguish iPhone 4 from someone else. For example, if there are 2 house phones in the house, different color cases can tell which one is yours and which is your wife or husband. It is not fair to write good things about such cases. Just like any other product, some will get a different opinion on the OtterBox iPhone 4 Case Defender series.

The first is that some people have said that the iPhone 4 will be spherical if one of these cases is covered. Not completely wrong. However, it seems bulky just because you do not usually see it embedded. After a few days, having become accustomed to the new look, the iPhone will be normal. It's not bulky at all.

The Defender Series concept is to provide complete protection for the iPhone 4. So when iPhone 4 is encoded, iPhone 4 is "locked". It will be a bit difficult to remove the iPhone. If you're looking for a case that can be easily taken, the series is not from you. But then again, the most popular iPhone 4 will be safe and secure.

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