The advantages and disadvantages of current computer operating systems

A computer operating system (operating system abbreviation) is responsible for coordinating, managing, and sharing resources. Without these operating systems, it is impossible to operate these devices.

The market is currently the three most powerful operating systems in Windows (Microsoft), Mac (Macintosh / Apple Computers) and Linux (Linus Torvalds and its partners).

The current Windows operating system has the best graphical user interface with the updated menu bar, the Start menu, the buttons and the appearance of the tray. These user-friendly features allow customers to comfortably use computers with simple instructions. This operating system is very stable and protected by high level security measures. These include phishing filters that alert users when unauthorized people attempt to access their sites. It also provides spam protection, Windows Defender blocks suspicious programs, advanced firewall, automatic backups for program crashes and data encryption / decryption. This software enables fast local connections between local networks and the Internet. High-speed data transfer and upload are available. Multimedia features such as video and sound are richly available in the Windows operating system.

The main disadvantage of the Windows operating system is that it has high computer system requirements. You need to use a computer that has a very high memory capacity, a 128 kbit / s 256 megabyte graphics card, at least 20 gigabytes of hard disk space, and 2 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM). The Windows operating system is usually expensive. You may need to upgrade your current software or purchase a new operating system to keep up with technological advances.

Macintosh provides its own operating system, called MAC OS. It is less prone to infiltration and damaging harmful software, such as malicious software and spyware, compared to Microsoft Windows. However, this system is not only sold at computer stores because it is only used in Apple Computers. For this reason, the MAC OS units are usually costly.

Understands the stability and durability of the Linux operating system as a long-term use. This system seldom crashes. If this really happens, it does not usually harm your computer programs. This can run on old computer hardware, such as the Pentium 100 with 16 megabytes of memory and just 1 gigabyte drive. You can still use the outdated computer as several program applications are compatible with Linux. Its security features are very persuasive, as developers can instantly fix the weaknesses of the operating system.

However, Linux has many disadvantages. First of all, many people do not know this computer software. So it takes time to learn how to operate. Secondly, there are many office programs that do not run on Linux. Third, a specialist is required to maintain a computer using that operating system. Finally, there are computer programs that are incompatible with Linux software. Therefore, they do not work properly and function properly.

When choosing an operating system, consider its affordability and full availability of support services.

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