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Doctors in Europe use custom detox plans to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus

Lie # 1: Americans Get Best Treatment For Diabetes - US doctors are trained to prescribe drugs that treat diabetes symptoms while ignoring the root cause of the disease ... Many of these drugs are flat in Europe to cause heart disease, cancer and number of dangerous side effects. (Read to find out if you have been prescribed any of these dangerous medicines)

Lie # 2: Diabetes is highest in the United States - The truth is that Muslims like Saudi Arabia have diabetes twice in the United States. Muslim "Sharia law" prohibits the consumption of alcohol and Muslims turn to a lighter drink instead. This chemical cocktail drink is becoming more popular in the United States (especially in children) and is trying to increase the risk of diabetes by 22% ...

Lay # 3: Diabetes can not be reversed - World Health Clinics have been treating even the most severe cases of diabetes for up to 14 days with simple consequences. Patients at these clinics are ultimately disposing of their drugs by treating the root cause of the disease ignored by general drugs.

STOP makes pharmaceutical companies rich in using their dangerous medicines to treat diabetes symptoms and begin to treat the real cause behind this disease.

For the first time, anyone can work with his family and follow this program of diabetes as a result of his own home. This is the same result of the plan used by private (and expensive) clinics throughout Europe to help patients eliminate their drugs, lose excess weight and control permanent diabetes.

This information affects those who are at or in danger of type 2 diabetes. You can not find these clinical trials anywhere else, so be sure to bookmark this page and send it to everyone you love who may to suffer from type 2 diabetes.

I have to warn you: The research on this site is controversial.

Here are the top 3 drugs that are now banned in Europe, but are still prescribed in the United States:

BANNED Drug # 1: Avandia - Studies have shown that Avandia is associated with 64% increased risk of heart failure over a 7 year period ... 27% increased risk of stroke ... And 43% increased risk of heart attack.

This drug has been deducted from the UK and India in 2010 due to this increased risk of heart attack. Just a year later in 2011, Avandia was revoked from New Zealand and South Africa for the same reasons.

Regarding the United States ... In 2013, the FDA imposed restrictions on this drug despite the risk of heart disease. It is now a popular choice among American doctors.

BANNED Drug # 2: Actos - This medicine is banned in France and Germany to increase the risk of bladder cancer in patients taking it.

In the United States, the FDA simply issued a warning about cancer risk and the drug is the best seller of type 2 diabetes.

BANNED Drug # 3: Rezulin - This drug is now banned worldwide to be toxic to the liver.

Rezulin has led to 90 cases of hepatic failure and 63 deaths before it was received and now accounts for over 34,000 accidents.

Popular drugs are marketed with low long-term tests. Physicians often recommend these newer, unprotected drugs over older, proven and cheaper drugs (for reasons you will learn about this site).

Remember new drugs come only after the damage is done ... Too late for patients taking them.

Is diabetes to teach you?

It may certainly look like this when you visit your doctor's office.

Because diabetes is associated with obesity, it is often easier for physicians to teach their patients' lifestyle to their condition, but to accept that they are the victim of this terrible disease.

This is especially true when the patient is overweight. Doctors will often use shame and fear to get their patients to "go for a diet" and "get more exercise" in response to their condition.

Diabetes mellitus is the only disease in which the patient is taught and ashamed of his condition instead of being treated as a victim.

Fact: Obesity does not cause diabetes. The majority of diabetes mellitus 2 is healthy and most of the heavy Americans do not have these diseases.

Diabetes mellitus is caused by imbalance of sugar in your blood. The same imbalance causes some patients to get fat, especially around their midsection. This symptom (weight gain) is often the first sign that your blood sugar is not stable.

Weight gain around your midsection is a symptom of blood sugar imbalance, and NOT the cause.

No amount of diet or exercise would have prevented these early symptoms. That's why it's no matter how hard you try, your body just packs the weight.

Did you know that in 2015, daily mail has reported that hundreds of children are born of clinical obesity? Experts suggest that Britain is now facing a epidemic in obese patients ...

Newborns are born clinically obese in the UK according to Daily Mail

Think about it: Can we teach newborns for their obesity ... They simply did not get enough "diet and exercise" while they were in the womb?

It is just a little bit to blame newborns because of the disease as it is to blame adult patients with blood sugar imbalances.

Diabetes mellitus is NOT a consequence of poor diet, it is NOT a consequence of a lack of physical activity and it is certainly NOT a fault of the patient.

Diabetes and stressful exercise are NOT a response to diabetes or new miracles that only hide the symptoms of this disease.

Without treating the root cause that keeps your blood sugar stable, you will NEVER always reverse your condition or lose the weight your doctor tells you too.

The 6-week Diabetes Detox Program is a natural treatment for diabetes that your doctor will not tell you about - not because it does not work, but because giant pharmaceutical companies can not earn money.

Now, this is not a tree hugging a hippie diet where you grab green smoothies all day long, nor is it a program to starve you silly.

You do one little change in your diet every week for 6 weeks ... In most cases, delicious foods are added to each meal (including more carbohydrates) to treat a natural and painless cause of diabetes and move the blood sugar in balance.

This program is easy to follow and begins to stop your blood sugar from day one.

When your blood sugar is small and balanced, your body returns too normal - burns fat to energy instead of storing it around your midsection.

In the first few weeks, most patients notice that their energy levels have occurred and all the weight gain they received starts to fall off effortlessly.

Dips in your hands and feet starts to disappear as you give your body the nutrients you need to repair nerve damage diabetes has caused ...

Your eyes become clear and consistent because blood flow improves your eyes ...

Never fear again the danger of blindness and evacuation.

This plan is intended to monitor your doctor's supervision so that they can monitor your progress to reduce and eventually eliminate your medicines completely (You should NEVER stop your medicines without their advice).

For a few short years this was considered a rare condition. It was not until the 1970s that diabetes and obesity began to climb, almost tripled as before:

Diabetes has risen dramatically since 1980

The big question: What happened in the 1990s that caused diabetes in the spiral?

Short answer: Fear of heart disease.

Heart disease was the number 1 cause of death in the United States in the 50 and 60 year period. Between 1960 and 1976, 8 elders died of heart disease but still in office ... NOT asking for political action like dead senators.

In 1977, the US United States, who played in the United States, released George McGovern's first diet to prevent a heart disease epidemic in the country.

These guidelines received great criticism at the time of many reputable scientists such as John Yudkin (who demanded sugar) and the American Medical Association.

Basically, there were diets:

Large food companies were in trouble: fat and sugar are the flavors of the food. In response to these new guidelines, they began to develop and use "other sweeteners" using chemical fructose to taste their food.

Thus they could label the food as both "fatless" and "sugarless".

Our bodies can not use fructose for energy in the same way as glucose (blood sugar). Fructose must break down into the liver, in the same way as alcohol.

There are dozens of sweet fructose-containing foods. Just the handful you've heard of are:

In 2009, studies were conducted to compare the effects of fructose, to normal glucose. They split their tests into two groups:

One group was given glucose sweet drink every day for 10 weeks ...

The other group was given alcoholic beverages with boiled drinks every day for 10 weeks ...

The results were shocking ... At the end of the study, the fructose drinking group had increased their cholesterol, triglycerides and reduced their insulin sensitivity (signs of diabetes). The group that consumed sugar-rich sweetened drink did not have this effect ...

Even more shocking, after just 6 days, people who drank the fructose drink had enough blood sugar to diagnose "diabetes" but the glucose group showed no change in blood sugar levels:

Drugs received diabetes mellitus ... Though individuals who received glucose did not see any change

Scientists made this substance for diabetes in just 6 days by giving them fructose!

Unfortunately, a lot of fructose sweeteners are added to all we eat. Bread, biscuits, sauces, cereals, soft drinks ...

Heck, even dear formula lists high fructose sweeteners in their ingredients:

Popular sweet formula shows corn syrup (fructose) as the first ingredient.

We feed our children with high levels of substance that is proven to cause diabetes and high cholesterol.

The more fructose has been added to our food production, the higher the rate of diabetes and obesity has risen:

The higher the fructose corn syrup (HFCS) added to our food supply, the higher the obesity has risen

The real kicker: Heart disease, the disease that all these new guidelines should help ... Has been a killer cause in the United States, with diabetes that is infectious rapidly.

Drug companies have become rich in ignoring this obvious cause ... Instead of concentrating on creating drugs that treat the symptoms of diabetes and slow down their progress.

The patent for diabetes mellitus expires in 7 years. When that happens, other companies can make general versions of their medicines and the company that invented the drug loses sales.

This means that, in order to be profitable for its shareholders, pharmaceutical companies must continue to release a new drug every 7 years, even if their previous drugs have worked better than new ones. New drugs are placed on the market before the patent ends at an early age. New drugs are often more dangerous than the old ones.

Diabetes research is funded by the pharmaceutical companies. Any research that finds a cure through a diet alone goes unpublished or will be ignored. Research on new drug treatments will be published and rewarded with additional research money.

This perfect storm, medical attention has focused on selling new drugs and ignoring the actual cause of both diabetes and obesity. Thus, the sandwiches and the big pharmaceutical companies can continue to grow rich in your suffering.

The only way to control diabetes is to eradicate and detoxify your body from these sweet fructose foods and eat foods that prevent their absorption in the first place.

This is also why detox programs like these are so hard to find. There are only a handful of clinics around the world that offer complete consequences, despite the fact that the research is fully available to anyone who is ready to search.

This treatment is designed to adapt to the condition and severity of each patient.

If you are diabetes or only recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you can often control your situation just by following the first two weeks of the detox program ...

If you are an adult with advanced diabetes, you can use the entire 6-week program to treat your condition and start curing the damage that has been done in your body ...

If your child is at risk of diabetes or is heavier than you can use the first 3 weeks of detox to help them get rid of your blood sugar, balance their blood sugar levels and teach them healthy eating habits for the rest of their lives.

The 6-week diabetes effect is painless to follow and focuses on adding food to your diet. These amazingly delicious foods do not only fill you up and give you lasting energy boost throughout your day ... They will balance your blood sugar naturally.

Last week's changes are based on the last and you can stop when you and your doctor are satisfied with the results and have had your blood sugar under control.

Fact: The United States has not the highest diabetes in the world. Not even close to that ...

This prize goes to Saudi Arabia and other Muslims in the Middle East. Their diabetes in these countries is almost twice as much as in the United States.

Because of Muslim Sharia law, alcohol is forbidden and, consequently, Muslims use even more toxic beverages at social gatherings. This drink is becoming more popular in the United States, especially among children.

Studies show that avoiding these foods can reduce the risk of diabetes by 22%. This drink is so poisonous that in many cases it's only enough to eliminate these foods for diabetes and some diabetes patients to control the situation completely.

Imagine: getting your blood sugar under control by eliminating only one diet of your diet.

Odds are that you know your children daily like most American homes.

Note: Many people can keep blood sugar under control and release to healthy weight, just eliminating these foods from their diet.

Yes, you read it right ... you must add more carbohydrates to your diet on this detox schedule.

Delicious "super carbohydrate" that not only fills you and satisfies your desires, but helps to stop the absorption of fructose and preservatives that cause your diabetes worse. (It's like to inoculate you against these substances).

Pro Tip: Never eat food that you do not like. This plan is not about turning down a bunch of green vegetables or "bunny foods" that you do not like. You will only choose the foods you like so you look forward to each meal on this schedule.

These foods "super carbite" are rich in vitamins and minerals that the body needs to repair for diabetes mellitus.

This is the week the feeling in your limbs will start to come back ... and your eyesight becomes clear and consistent as nervous system damage caused by excess blood sugar starts to be repaired.

You're free to worry about losing your vision or limb in diabetes and regaining your body again.

Fact: Fat is the best energy source of the body and therefore it is good to store it for later use.

When you eat the right types of fat, your body is about "fat sulfur hormone" (leptin, adiponectin) and begins to burn that fat into energy. The best part is when it is done to burn the fat you eat ... These hormones begin to burn the fat the body has stored.

When you eat a lot of carbohydrates, sugar and especially fructose, your body releases hormones (including the hormone insulin) that uses this sugar in energy and stores the rest as fat on your body for later use. These hormones put the body in "fatigueability".

This is a healthy and natural response to eating sugar. Our ancestors did not have regular access to carbohydrates and sugars and got the most energy from fat. Storing these extra sugars when they had access to it because fat in their bodies would give them energy later and keep them warm during the winter months.

The problem is that all healthy fats have been removed from the food we eat and replaced with sugar and fructose since the beginning of 1970. Constantly eating fructose and low-fat sugar keeps the body in a "fat storage" mode.

Simple solution: Eat more fat!

This week you will need to add the right fat that turns on your fat-burning hormones.

This is the week where patients experienced the most weight loss as their bodies came to winter burns, for many of them for the first time.

You'll have constant energy throughout the day instead of up and down that comes from sugar and carb crashes.

Think about it: If you're only 15 pounds of overweight, there are 52,500 calories of energy you're moving in your midsection - enough fuel for almost a month straight.

You'll sleep like a child tonight and wake up early in the morning to start the day.

If your goal is weight loss, you can usually stop at week 3 and use it to lose as much weight as you like while holding your blood sugar.

Adding the right carbohydrates to your 2-week diet helps to block your body from taking fructose and killing your craving for sugar foods.

Adding the right fat to your 3 week diet gives you the feeling of being full and happy at every meal. You will have a noticeable boost in energy as the body begins to rely on fat in energy instead of sugar.

At week 4, most patients find that eating less sugarfood naturally. This is why the 6-week reduction plan is great for the whole family ... Everyone will start eating less sugar and fructose without having to test.

For more difficult cases of diabetes (and losing the last 5 pounds of body fat) it is important to eliminate all the beautiful sources of sugar and fructose from your diet.

I put together a "grocery list" of sweeteners containing fructose and you should avoid checking your blood glucose levels. Take this list with you in a grocery store so you will know what foods to avoid and what foods to buy. Your whole family will benefit from this simple food guide, all shopping and cooking.

You will also learn which alcoholic beverages are useful for diabetes professionals, and who will send your blood sugar.

The best part is ... this plan contains "cheeky" when you can eat whatever you want. (cheating days can really help you lose weight by balancing the lymph node leptin).

Fact: Neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's and dementia are the result of insulin resistance and inflammation of the brain. This has even attracted researchers to label "type 3 diabetes Alzheimer's".

Study in 2008 is that Alzheimer's type 3 diabetes mellitus

By correcting blood sugar imbalances and reducing inflammation, you can stop neuropathic diseases in its areas, prevent it from occurring and even reversal of the situation.

Most people who eliminate these foods find immediate boost in focus, strength and elimination of the brain, even if they do not suffer from Alzheimer's.

Reducing these anti-inflammatory foods is not only good for diabetics but for general health. Excluding anti-inflammatory foods can help with skin diseases such as rosacea, heart disease, cerebrovascular accident, gastrointestinal problems such as IBS and joint pain.

Some clinics only make changes in week 5 to treat these inflammatory conditions.

The last week of the diabetes program is about adapting it to your body and lifestyle. You must work with your doctor to set goals ... Improving your blood test results so that you can reduce and eliminate your need for medicines.

Imagine: Look forward to the visit of any doctor ... Never again fear your blood test results. There will be games - every test you have added and you are prescribed less and less drugs until your diabetes is completely under control without them.

Diabetes mellitus increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. Even worse, many popular diabetes increase this risk further.

Undergoing blood glucose control and reducing anti-inflammatory foods by week 5, significantly reduces the risk of a heart attack (at least preventing dangerous substances that are proven to increase risk). Use this program to work with your doctor to improve your heart's health.

This program is about adding new foods to your diet. Depending on how serious your diabetes is, you need to give up some of the worst foods in week 4, but you can still cheat eating them whenever you want.

This will be done gradually in a few weeks. Along the way you will find delicious, full fat, which not only serves instead of your favorite food, but also helps you to kill your power for them too. This makes the whole process painful and fun.

Weight gain is the result of blood sugar imbalance and not the cause. The system's detoxification and control of the blood sugar will cause weight loss during the DRAMATIC three weeks of diabetes regimen.

You will be shocked at how fast the weight comes from and how much energy you have when your body switches to burning fat for energy again.

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox Program is designed to track your own pace. Follow until you get a weight loss or blood sugar target.

Switching your body into fat-free mode makes weight loss effortless ... You will find a boost in energy and focus as the hormones begin to break down the fat deposits around the middle part and use it for fuel during the day.

Eating a delicious diet with full fat makes you feel happy and kills your craving for sugar and snack. It will not feel like nutritional value at all ... You can still eat as much as you want and you do not have to surrender your favorite food.

Your blood glucose balance makes you feel like you are ages ... You'll feel and feel younger, you'll regain the sex you're living in your 20s.

You look and feel like you were never sick at first.

I've assembled this all 6 week detox program in the step-by-step guide that I call:

Let's review what we have learned and give you a maximum of some things in the manual:

Diabetes research is funded by pharmaceutical companies ...

The research that detects new and expensive drugs is getting all the money, but research that tries to find the true cause of this diet and lifestyle-related diet and diet will be ignored and the funding will be lacking.

Like this study using detox diet (LCKD) to treat type 2 diabetes type (The majority of patients managed to reduce or eliminate their antidiabetics):

Patients using detox schedule in this study were able to reduce or eliminate their diabetes drugs

Or this study using a similar diet that resulted in rapid weight loss after 6 weeks without any side effects:

Patients lost weight after 6 weeks without illness

Or this case study by Dr. Joel Fuhrman as a patient's blood sugar from an average of 350-400 down between 80-120 and lost 10 pounds for 5 days ...

Patients' blood sugar decreased between 80-120 but lost 10 pounds in just 5 days

Patient lost 25 pounds. the first five weeks while his blood sugar was in control without the need for insulin medicine.

Five months later, this patient came from all his medicines for diabetes and no longer had high cholesterol or high blood pressure. As a bonus, he lost a total of 60 lbs. during the app without hunger or to give up their favorite food.

I've gathered all these trials and clinical trials in a step-by-step program that anyone can track from their home.

This program is the result of a lot of work from scholars, doctors and others who have devoted their working age to finding natural treatment for diabetes.

They often turn down large salaries and corporate vehicles offered by a pharmaceutical company to prevent the next medication ... Instead of working with profit-making companies, earn a fraction of what their colleagues do.

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox Program stands on the shoulders of these giants, people who help to release one patient's diabetes patient and one-off paper at once.

6 weeks diabetes The detox program is not just another "low carb" or "diabetes diet". Fructose-basic sweeteners are addictive ... Simply trying to eliminate them from your diet without adding the right foods to replace them will lead to withdrawal symptoms and only your desire.

This program has been designed to be as painless as possible. Focus on adding food to your diet to balance your hormones and help your body adapt to these changes.

This program is very simple ... One small change every week for 6 weeks, but these changes have been tested and proven by numerous research and clinical trials.

You could try to figure this out on your own, and if you would like, I have listed a list of all of my research and the research I've found at the bottom of the page. In fact, I encourage you to dig deep and learn ins and outs if you are curious.

However, why is it all that's hard when I've already done it for you.

This program will not cure people with type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is a condition you have been born with, which represents approximately 10% of all diabetes and at the moment there is no cure. The 6-week diabetes mellitus will help type 1 diabetes to control their blood sugar naturally and reduce their dependence on insulin, but you still need to work with your doctor to control the situation.

This program is also not for you if you're looking for a magic pill & # 39; solution. The changes made in the 6-week diabetes regimen are intended to be permanent. This system is designed to provide you with an easy-to-follow lifestyle diet plan that will keep your blood sugar under control for the rest of your life. Þetta er ekki áætlun sem þú fylgir í nokkra daga og farið síðan aftur í gamla matarvenjur þínar. Þessir venjur eru það sem þú fékkst hér í fyrsta sæti.

Þetta er líka ekki fyrir þig ef þú ert einn af þeim sem vilja kaupa bókina og láta þá sitja á borðinu og aldrei lesa hana. Vinsamlegast ekki sóa peningunum þínum ef það er raunin. Hins vegar, ef það er raunin, gerðu þér grein fyrir að ástandið þitt muni aðeins fara að versna og að lokum muni drepa þig ... Nema þú gerir eitthvað um ástand þitt, byrjað í dag.

The 6-vikna sykursýki detox kerfi er afleiðing af heilmikið af rannsóknum og meðferð áætlanir eru notuð á einka heilsugæslustöðvum um allan heim. Breytingarnar sem þú gerir í hverri viku eru einföld, en þau verða að vera gerð í ákveðinni röð og ákveðnum tímaramma til þess að geta skilað árangri.

Þetta er sama sérsniðna áætlunin sem þú myndir fá á hágæða heilsugæslustöð, nema þú sért með stjórn á meðferðinni.

Svo vinsamlegast: Ekki láta blekkjast af því hve einfalt 6 vikna sykursýki forritið mun líta út. Það mun líta næstum "of" einfalt að vinna ... en bara gera það. Það mun virka fyrir þig, tryggt.

Það er eins og að hafa detox heilsugæslustöð í eigin heimili þínu, sem þú getur vísað til baka og notað eins mikið og þú þarft að missa þyngdina sem þú vilt og halda blóðsykri þínum í skefjum.

Þú munt geta borðað alla uppáhalds matinn þinn án ótta eða sektar þegar þú færð ástand þitt undir stjórn.

Ég vil að þú upplifir ótrúlegan árangur þessa afleiðusögu fyrir þig og ég vil ekki fá fjármál til að komast í veg þinn. Þetta námskeið er ekki faglega útgefið og ekki mjög lengi ... það fer rétt inn í kjötið og kartöflurnar og gefur þér það sem þú þarft til að sjá niðurstöður.

Ég fann ekkert hérna ... Ég tók bestu ráðin frá rannsóknum, læknum og heilsugæslustöðvum og sameina það í kerfi sem allir geta notað til að hafa stjórn á sykursýki þeirra.

Þetta er umfangsmesta forritið á markaðnum til að meðhöndla sykursýki. Það er auðvelt að fylgja og tryggja að fá niðurstöður.

Ábyrgð 1: Notaðu kerfið okkar í 60 daga á okkur. Ef þú færð ekki hraðasta árangur sem þú hefur nokkurn tíma séð ... sama hversu mörg markmið þín eru (þyngd, lækkun blóðsykurs, stjórnun sykursýki þinnar, komast af meds) ... munum við gefa þér 100% af peninga til baka ... EÐA:

Ábyrgð 2: Ef þér líkar ekki við þjónustuna sem þú færð og kaupmætið, sömu ábyrgð: 100% af peningum til baka!

Við stöndum frammi fyrir ekki aðeins vörunni okkar, heldur skuldbindingu okkar við ÞIG og árangur þinn.

Eftir að ég losa nokkur þúsund eintök á þetta hlægilega lágu verði veit ég að ég verð að hækka verðið þegar ég vinn út samning við alvöru útgefanda til að fá þessa bók í verslunum.

Og ég vil gefa þér nokkrar ógnvekjandi gjafir til að gera þetta Detox Plan FUN

Bónus 1: Detox-Diet kokkabók

This cook book contains recipes that the whole family will love, and help you stay on track to controlling your blood sugar. Inside you’ll find step by step recipes to make:

Crispy roasted pork belly

Spinach and tomato frittata

Spicy lamb meatballs with spinach and tomato

Slow cooked oxtail stew

Chicken and vegetable soup

Smoked salmon and prawn salad

Bonus 2: Low-carb diabetes cook book

This cook book contains even more recipes for the whole family. These high-fat, lower carb meals will give you a lasting boost in energy throughout your whole day, and help you (or anyone in your family) lose excess fat quickly. Recipes include:

Pan fried medium steak with rocket and tomato salad

Stir fry shirataki shrimp noodles

Baked cod with vegetables & herbs

Cauliflower mashed potatoes

Left unchecked, diabetes will continue to progress (even if you take drugs to mask the symptoms) and bring a host of other conditions as a result. Conditions like:

Neuropathy – Neuropathy is nerve damage that occurs when excess sugar in your system damages the walls of tiny blood vessels that nourish your nerves. Symptoms include tingling, numbness, and burning pain that begins at the tips of your fingers and toes, then gradually spreads upwards.

Left untreated this can cause you to lose all sensation in your arms, legs, and other extremities. (Including erectile dysfunction)

Fact: 60% of lower limb amputations were performed in adults 20 years or older that have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Kidney disease - Diabetes was listed as the primary cause of kidney failure in 44% of all new cases in 2011. These cases usually require dialysis or kidney transplant to survive.

Retinopathy – Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. In fact, 28.5% of people with diabetes develop diabetic retinopathy – damage to the small blood vessels in the retina that causes blindness.

Increase risk of cardiovascular disease – Heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the United States according to the CDC. In 2010, hospitalization rates for heart attack were 1.8 times higher among adults with diagnosed diabetes aged 20 years or older compared to those without diabetes.

It is not too late to take control of your disease, halt its progression, and treat the damage that has been done. If you keep waiting it WILL be too late, once you have a limb removed, go blind, or lose your life to this disease.

Following the 6-week detox plan you will make small, almost unnoticeable changes each week for 6 weeks.

At first you feel yourself having more energy, waking up in the morning with some extra pep.

That weight around your mid-section quickly melts off… You see a big difference every morning when you look in the bathroom mirror.

You reduce your medications, never again having to mentally prepare yourself for another insulin injection or pricking your finger multiple times a day to check your blood. You finally throw away all those dangerous diabetes drugs for good, never again suffering from the serious side effects like weight gain or heart problems.

You'll no longer become a burden on your family. You'll be there for important life events like your grandchild’s graduation or wedding.

You look and feel younger as your blood sugar returns too normal for the first time since your early 20’s. You regain the freedoms you haven’t had in years, the energy and stamina to pursue the hobbies you once enjoyed, play with your grand kids and get to experience travel and retirement the way you deserve too. (And have the sex drive you had in high school)

No shipping costs saves you money! All materials are digital and sent to you instantly in PDF and MP3 formats. ANY computer or iPad or tablet can use it! That means you can start TODAY!

Founder The Alarming Truth

P.S. Every second you wait the odds are good you will do nothing... And get closer and closer to more serious complications like amputation, blindness or waking up on an operating table and seeing the surgeon preparing his bone saw to amputate one of your limbs.

P.P.S. Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to put the 6-week detox to work for you! Put this program to the test. With the 'no questions asked' money back guarantee there's no way you can lose.

Q: What is the 6-week diabetes detox and how does it work so fast?

A: The 6-week diabetes detox program is a series of small changes made over 6 weeks that are designed to eliminate and block the absorption of sugars and food additives that are causing a blood sugar imbalance in your body.

Unlike medications, these changes treat the root cause of diabetes, allowing you to permanently manage the condition.

Q: Will I have to starve myself through this 6-week program?

A NO, this program is designed so you can eat as much as you want. In fact, for the first few weeks you will be adding important foods into your diet instead of trying to eat less or exercise more.

Q: I'm not in my 20's or 30's, will this program still work for someone considerably older?

A: YES! This program is designed to treat the most severe cases of diabetes; in fact, it works especially well for people in their golden years who have been suffering from diabetes for a long time.

Q: What if it doesn't work for me?

A: Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed and you can get your money back at any time.

Q: What if I just want to lose weight and I am not diabetic?

A: Getting your blood sugar into balance is the fastest and most effortless way to lose weight. You’ll be able to stop this program at week 3 to enjoy all the weight loss and energy boosting benefits of this program.

Q: Does the Diabetes Detox program really work?

Q: YES! Just about everyone who has gone through this detox program has seen a reduction in their blood sugar levels, and most have been able to reduce and come off their diabetes medications completely. However, you must follow along in each of the 6 steps in order to see results. Just downloading an eBook and reading it won't help you. You have to apply the proven steps inside in order to rid your body of the toxic chemicals that is causing your blood sugar to fall out of balance.

Q: How soon can I stop taking my Diabetes medication?

A: Let me start off by saying that you should never come off your medications or change their dose without first consulting you doctor. I highly recommend working with your doctor while on the 6-week diabetes detox program so that they can help monitor your progress and advise you on when you can start to reduce your medications.

That said, some of the folks following this program were able to balance their blood sugar naturally after the first week, and didn't require any other changes to their diet to manage and treat their diabetes.

Other participants with advanced diabetes required up to 3-4 months before they were able to significantly reduce their medications.

In clinical studies the average time a participant was able to come off their meds was around 8 weeks with dietary intervention alone.

Q: Is the 6 Week Diabetes Detox Program Scientifically proven?

A: Absolutely! The 6 Week Diabetes Detox Program is based on dozens of studies that have demonstrated complete management of their diabetes with a change in diet.

I have provided a list of the studies in the reference section of the eBook, as well as in the link below labeled 'Scientific References.'

You can review each of these studies, the exact diet plans the participants were on, as well as the results of the study.

Q: Can I ask my doctor about this program?

A: It's important you get your doctor’s permission before attempting any new diet plan. It's equally important to work closely with your doctor as you begin to balance out your blood sugar. Your doctor can help to monitor your progress and advise you on any reduction in medications as you progress through the system.

Q: Why isn't this detox program more well known in the medical community?

A: When I created the 6 Week Diabetes Detox Program, I approached every food conglomerate, pharmaceutical company, medical establishment, and book publisher I could.

I never heard back from any pharmaceutical company. Not surprising considering my plan involves using food as medicine instead of some new drug. They don't stand to make much money recommending a diet program to their customers.

Most publishers didn't want to take my book because I had never written a book before. Others were scared of the potential backlash they might receive from the pharmaceutical companies.

In the end is was a small online publisher, the watch dog's at that were willing to help me publish my book, and set up this small website for me to tell my story.

We're hoping that as this gets out, more publishers will start to take notice so we can officially publish this book in stores. Until then, this is the ONLY place to get your hands on this breakthrough program.

Q: How difficult is The 6 Week Diabetes Detox Program to follow?

A: The 6 Week Diabetes Detox Program is by far the easiest dietary program to follow! In each of the 6 weeks, you will be making a small change to your diet. Each of these changes will detox your body from the food additives and sugars that have been added to our food supply, and you will see a difference in each step.

Most of these steps involve ADDING delicious foods into your diet to help kill your cravings for sugar, and to slow the absorption of carbohydrates into your blood stream.

You will need to cut back on some of the more processed foods that are laced with poison, like soft drinks, yet you will still be able to enjoy all our favorite foods while on this diet if you are willing to eat them at certain times. And in the end, if you are not completely satisfied with this program at any point in the next 60 days, you are entitled to a full 100% refund.

Q: Can my children use the 6 Week Diabetes Detox program?

A: YES! In fact, this program was originally designed for my 12-year-old son who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Before this program he was addicted to sugar, overweight, and prescribed daily medications. Each week, we made the same small changes to our diet together. It didn't feel like dieting, we were still eating our favorite foods and never went hungry.

Our cravings for sugar and processed food seemed to disappear on its own. We both started to lose weight around week 2, and noticed an extra boost in our energy levels when we woke up in the morning. Must have been our bodies finally burning all that extra fat for fuel.

By the end of the 6 weeks he had come off his medications completely, and I came off mine just 2 weeks later. After that we continued to lose weight, our energy levels kept climbing and we both just felt... Normal again.

It's an experience, a feeling of freedom that's hard to put into words. It's something you just have to experience for yourself. And you can, in just 6 weeks from today when you get started in the Diabetes Detox Program.

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