The 5 things you need to do for the application's development success

You can find more than 1,000,000 apps in the App Store, and migrating your application from idea to development can be one of the biggest challenges. That is, unless we consider the following advice.

When I jumped to the Apple App Store in the ancient years of 2008 (which was accidentally the year when the store was introduced) I felt like a starving person

Suddenly there were apps – newspapers, magazines, toys , business, sports, health and fitness, travel and kids – which I could not download quickly enough. But let the boy tell you how the times changed.

According to AppleInsider's latest data, the App Store has over one million applications; 500,000 was specifically designed for the iPad.

When the business initially started, they received only 900 applications! Over the past 46 months, over 900,000 applications have grown! And although it's totally unique, even more!

The App Store is expected to have an additional 25,000 to 30,000 applications (average) per month. Thousands of dream ideas have been dreamed of by people – people like you and me – who have been saving a daily paper towel every day around the world.

No matter how well thought the application is, moving from the idea to development is one of the biggest challenges that any novice developer will inevitably face.

Especially for those who do not have the right knowledge or technical capability, the following information – step by step – promises to be worth your time. Okay, here we go

# 1 – Determine what you want to achieve

When you start the exciting development of application development, the first thing you need to figure out – whether you are a beginning or an expert – what you want to achieve.

Well-considered goals, at the start of your business, are one of the best indicators to confirm that the application development process is either in the right direction

# 2 – Describe the purpose (and price) of the application 19659002] In today's app-driven world, almost every user expects an advanced application to gain a lot of benefits, providing them with a good user experience.

Would you like to receive a little secret? Simplicity, usability, and reliability are key to securing the success of applications.

At this point, you also want to determine the price you need to set the app for, and whether it will also include in-app purchases. [19659002] According to the 2013 review of Distimi (published on December 17, 2013), 77% of App Store revenue comes from in-app purchases, while the remaining 11% comes from paid apps

# 3 – App name

Never underestimate the importance of the application name correctly reflecting the service it offers; no matter how much the alternative can be drawn.

Appropriate naming for your application can sometimes be quite done, as if you do it right, you can allow your application to grow and reinforce the service or product brand serving your building intention.

As a general rule, you have to choose the name of the app, which has a meaning, a professional, a sense, and indicates the purpose of your app.

# 4 – Finding Quality Support [19659002] Finding Quality Support Can Distinguish between Application Time Growth and Loss of Crowd

If you do not have the absolute advantage of developing applications (and still) A professional mobile application development company has switched its application from idea to development

In January this year, applications accounted for 47% of the user's total Internet experience, while another 8% of users were recognized by Internet access through the mobile browser. These data make up 55% of the total number of sources listed above

Because of this type of presence, it's more important than ever to hire a professional mobile application developer to create a seamless application that can be easily taken [19659002] An expert application developer will be able to complete specific deadlines and finish your mobile app in time while remaining within the specified budget.

Applications should also be able to have the best properties while removing excess edges, which may extend the project deadline and add extra money.

# 5 – Test, Test, and Repeat Test

Fitness Levels, Friendships, Cheap Gas Search, or Emails is generally a good idea to test, test and test again the following four areas:

• Functionality – This includes application forms, search engine, and all media components in order to work seamlessly.

• User Experience – This includes testing the application's navigation and accessibility. If an application that is constantly conflicting or unavailable may be more of a problem than its value.

• Security – If you want to use your application securely – e.g. Banking or Shopping – You Want to Ensure SQL Injection and DDoS Security is tested

• Load – Using one or millions of users of the application at the same time should remain at the same speed to ensure that your application is not removed.

The idea of ​​parting

One size IS NOT ALL! There are no hard and fast rules to dictate whether or not the application is successful; However; following the aforementioned advice, you can help ensure that your application is not lost in the crowd.


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