The 3 most popular guitar strings that help teach your guitar

There are many different ways to learn lessons that will help you learn to play guitar. There are guitar magazines, dvds, cd's, books, tabs, online memberships, teachers, and probably a dozen other methods I did not even think about. One of the oldest and most popular ways is to use guitar magazines. Many of these magazines can be found at the local bookstore, grocery store or corner / convenience store. Most of them include lessons, gears, album reviews, interviews with guitarists, and some even throw a cd or DVD that shows video lessons and gear. If you really like a particular guitar magazine, your subscriptions are available annually or at a discounted price.

So which one is the best? Well, this depends on a few things:

1. Where are your guitars? Are you starting, intermediate or advanced?

2nd What style of music do you have? Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Country, etc?

3rd What do you want in the guitar magazine anymore? Tabs, lessons, gears?

Before you go to your local magazine to find the right magazine, check out the following list of the best 3 guitar magazines available today. . Please note that these choices depend on the top 3 and your taste, and you may think that another publication is better. But at least you would start this list and do not have to rush through all the racks through the magazine.

Guitar World:

Guitar World is one of the most popular monthly magazines on the market and includes guitar and bass tablature for about five song counts. Lessons are aimed at beginner and mid-level players, and most of the lessons, papers, and interviews are in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal genres. Subscriptions are available in a pretty great discount and you can upgrade your subscription and receive a cd-rom bonus in every magazine. These cd roms will play video lessons, gears and music from some wonderful guitarists. For more information, check out the web site.

All Guitars:

The complete guitar monthly magazine from the UK and the most popular guitar magazine in Europe. In my opinion this is the best guitarist magazine. Do not be fooled by them, there are a lot of lessons for all guitar players, but Total Guitar focuses on the beginner. The magician has fantastic versions of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Punk, Country and Folk, so everyone has something. Great Guitar is another great thing that, unlike most guitar magazines, does not deal with articles and expensive equipment, but focuses on how new guitar players should play.

Each magazine includes a free cd containing audio examples of the lessons and the best for each of the tabs. These backrests are great because the guitar parts are missing, so you can play with music just like your song.

The only downfall in this publication is that if you live outside the UK, expect to pay a lot of subscriptions. For more information, see the web site.

Guitar Techniques:

Guitar Techniques produced by the same company, Total Guitar is also a top-quality magazine. Guitar Techniques also have many clocks that are scattered across genres, including Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Jazz and County. This magazine specializes in guitar education and shows it. You can also get a cd with the back of your ears and lesson examples.

Doing everything from starting tips to more advanced lessons. They also get into the different styles or techniques of their favorite guitar players. Explain exactly what scales and techniques are used and how the artist is sounding. Then they give you examples to learn exactly how to play. For more information, visit: .

So there is my list of Top 3 Guitar Magazines that help you learn guitar. Hopefully it made it easier to choose. Now go away and break it down.

Source by Johnny Stall

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