Ten reasons why Cocker Spaniels lick

Why Cocker Spaniels Lick And Is It Harmful?

Licking is a natural behavior to go all the way back to the wolf. When the mother of the wolf would return from hunting the food, the puppies formed in their package to lick their mouth and face to stimulate the uprising. This is a normal behavior at variance levels. Soon after puppies walk in and learn to fish for their own meals. Interestingly enough, the mother will also lick her puppies to stimulate the puppies to tie themselves up. It is not surprising to learn that licking is a natural instinct that all dogs inherit. There are different types of licking groups and for many reasons why dogs lick daily routines and live.

Cocker Spaniel lick can be caused by various reasons. Some may be complex but most are simple to figure out and easy to fix. Let us look at potential reasons first.

Reason Why Dogs Lick

1) Offensive Social Behavior – Paying Respect for Existing Dog
2) Puppies lick their mother to retrieve food when they are spinning
3) Signs about love
7) Stress
4) Urine
4) Pure self-esteem – natural instinct learned when she was a puppy
5) 8) Health problems of dogs
9) Stirring
10) Injury – Pain

When to Worry

If your Cocker Spaniel is obsessive, it may be time to look at the reasons why. For example: is your dog left for a long time? Stressed out because of anxiety separation? Is your dog injured? Are there any skin damage? Is your dog sick? Obnoxious licking and can lead to scratches and or bitters in the area that could cause other problems. Forced actions – Obsessive lingering groups can often be linked to anxious dog.

The first place to start is to view the source. Perhaps something is stuck on their skin or coats, look between the pots for cuts. Look for rash under the hood. Look for potential parasites. Look for what's unusual, which can cause the dog to lick. If it is a skin disease, it will probably be an easy correction.

However, if your dog longs for licking, all eyesight may be more worrying. Licking your submission can be cute at first. But it will get tired soon. It can be learned behavior to control you to get your attention and get what it wants. Behavior must be broken.

Do not award the dog for the behavior. By this, I never mean giving your dog a treat to stop licking. If you submit, the dog has simply learned a new taste. When the dog begins to lick simply derive its attention to different activities. But first you have to break lick with strong verbal NO control. Never hit or yell on your cocker spaniel, be firm and gentle.

Is licking harmful?

Dogs have slept people for centuries and I have never heard of anyone dying from an innocent dog potty. All dogs love the taste of salt, this is one of the main reasons they lick humans. By saying it, it's important to point out that you should never let a dog lick open wounds. This could increase the risk of infection by presenting the infection in the wound. Despite what you may have heard, the possible transmission of disease or infections of a dog that licks open wounds should be avoided.

As long as your Cocker Spaniel is healthy and shows no signs of illness, it's safe to bet that the actress does not lick harmful unless you are cold. At worst, it can be very annoying; At best, there may be an exhibition of affection.

Always stay in your field or job trainer if you think your teenager has a malicious problem outside your management. Obstacles – Obsessive lice are often associated with dogs who feel anxious for some reason. Your vet or professional dog trainer can help you figure out the source and offer resources. No need to let adolescents suffer unnecessarily and stress out at the same time.

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