Team work is necessary for good customer service

As a hotel manager, I need to train new employees on behalf of the hotel's standards in customer service. I help to develop their customer service so that they can provide the same good service to our hotel guests and every other hotel of my brand in the country and worldwide. One of the key concepts that I find difficult to instill with my representatives in new clients is teamwork. Without the hotel service, it would be impossible to provide a good service to our guests and everything would break apart.

Good group work is an important part of the arsenal of customer service. Let's go to a hotel to show an example of how team work is important. What are the main luxury guests expected to expect from their hotels during their stay? They expect to be viewed and provide information, they expect their room to be clean, they expect the food to be good and they expect not to pay so much. All of these expectations build up and make the hotel a guest, and each of these expectations must be treated and taken care of so that the visitor has a positive stay.

Let's see what would happen if no team involved. What if the front desk had to manage everything in the hotel and meet all the expectations of the visitor? No team to work with, this is going to be a difficult task. It could be manageable if the hotel has only one room but with hotels and hotel chains growing daily, we need teams to keep them running.

Interaction between departments is the basis of good team work. Without good communication, you can not work in a team or collaboration because nobody will know what to do and when to do it. As in sports, but one player is doing something, he has to share his goals before or during the action to ensure that his team is working next to him.

If only one player lacks understanding of communication the whole card can be lost. Just like if the desk is not in contact with housekeeping staff that the room has to be allergic, the project will not be exhausted and the visitor will complain that their room causes them allergic reactions and go to the hospital.

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