T-Mobile G1 Phone Review

The new T-Mobile G1 phone is a thrilling new product that buys consumers, mobile phone fans and tech geeks everywhere. The purpose of this article is to educate and inform consumers about the reactions and experiences that have ever been experienced on the phone. The new phone, also known as HTC Dream Phone or Google Phone, has known Google's open source platform as Android. Android is an open source platform that allows independent programmers to create their own applications, which is literally unlimited thanks to the G1 phone's usage and user experience.

Google services such as Google chat (gchat) and Google mail (gmail) users are delighted to know that your T-Mobile G1 phone is equipped with Google applications: gchat, gmail, Google maps with street maps, The Google Calendar and many Google apps known to users are often used and dependent.

Other features assigned to users by the new phone include a full QWERTY keyboard, a loud, clear-sounding speaker phone, and a built-in camera that has better clarity and resolution than the iPhone. These exciting new features allow consumers to take photos and upload them instantly to their online photo album, MySpace page, or Facebook.

Google Streetview for Maps on T-Mobile G1 is very useful when you're out and want to make plans. Built-in GPS allows Google Maps to give you a precise indication of your destination, as well as what types of facilities are around you. This includes restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters and friends. Imagine being able to get to a city or city where you've never been before and know all around you every moment. With T-Mobile G1 phone this is what consumers think is possible. In recent years, handsets are surely the latest in the handsets. Personally, I think I'm waiting for a year before I get one of those "smart phones".

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