Sync your Google Calendar with iPhone in 4 Easy Steps

If your personal or workbook is synced to your mobile device, you can manage personal meetings and events more efficiently. It's not too hard to sync your Google Calendar with your iPhone while using iPhone OS 3.0 or later. You can also sync multiple calendars when you use Google Apps at your workplace.

The following guide is in four easy steps:

Step 1: Backup on iPhone

Connect your phone to iTunes to make sure it is backed up.

Step 2: Set up iPhone with Gmail credentials

Navigate in the steps below: Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendar> Add Account> Gmail

mail address and password. If you're using Google Apps, go ahead and enter your custom domain in the email address field.

Select Next. If your verifiers check you must say check.

Step 3: Select the services you want to sync

Next, you'll see a screen with the services you want to sync from your Google Account (Mail, Calendar, etc.). Select the ones you want to turn on and select Save.

Step 4: Customize the Calendars you want to synchronize (optional)

At this time, the phone must synchronize all calendar data and see the calendar display the iPhone Calendar app. If you have multiple calendars in Google Calendar, you may want to take another step by customizing which calendars are synchronizing regularly with your iPhone.

To do this, start your iPhone browser and visit . Sign in to your Google Account and follow the steps out here to access your calendar settings.

It's done!

We congratulate you on making painless adjustments to keep your Google Calendar synced with your iPhone. You can repeat this with multiple Google Accounts and add additional calendars to your phone. To delete a calendar, you can access this through the settings or visit the site on page 4 to customize the appearance of your calendars.

Source by Christine E. Douglas

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