SWTOR Imperial Agent Class Review

The Imperial Agent class is the spy of the empire by relying on stealth and cunning to get out of line and take into account information or revised information. This category is very versatile because you can be specific for close-up dps, chronic dps or healing. The Imperial Agent has a high-quality mesh armor that provides protection but allows for fast movements. They use Blaster Rifles, Energy Blades and Sniper Rifles if specific to them.

  • Rifle Shot-four 2 quick shots
  • Shiv- Set the target with your energy sheet to initial damage plus 3 seconds light damage
  • Take Cover-Evasion increase
  • Restore-restore health and energy over 15 seconds when there is no battle
  • Snipe-High damage rifle shot. Only Usable When It's Covered
  • Laser Targeting – Increase Targeting at 80% In 30 Seconds.
  • Operative
  • Operative-
  • Operator-
  • Operator-
  • Operator-
  • Operator-
  • Operator- ] The operator uses Blaster Rifles and Energy Blades and has 2 skill trees to choose from. You can choose Obscure that will improve your stealth and block attacks for good damage. Another choice is Medic, which focuses on curing and protecting your allies during a battle.

    Sniper- Sniper uses Sniper Rifle and has 2 skill trees to choose from. You can choose Marksmanship that allows you to capture goals from a wide distance from the security cover. Another option is Engineering that allows you to upgrade your droids and investigate to weaken your opponent.

    Both pre-class share the share pressure tree that allows you to use poison to damage your opponent in battle.

    Each category in SWTOR has 5 members that help them create, assemble and monitor projects. The Imperial Agents members are:

    Kaliyo Djannis

    • Types: Female Rattataki

    • Planet: Hutta

    • Role: Bad DPS

    Armor: Medium

    • Weapon: Dual Wield Pistols

    [19659013] • Type: Droid

    • Planet: Belsavis

    • Role: Ranged

    • Crew: Crew Skills: +10 Divisional Activity, +2 Underworld Trading Critical



    • Arms: Blaster Gun, Shield Generator

    Armor: Heavy

    • Default Kit: Shield

    Doctor Closed

    • Species: Male

    • Planet: Taris

    • Role : Melee Tank

    • Armor: Light

    • Weapon: Vibrosword and Shield Generator

    • Default Kit: Ground Slam

    • Crew: +15 Biochem Efficiency, +10 Research Efficiency

    Vector Shelf [19659013] • Species: Male

    • Planet: Alderaan [19659013] • Role: Melee DPS [1 9659013] Armor: Medium

    • Weapon: Vibrostaff

    • Default Kit: Ground Slam

    • Strengths: +5 Bioanalysis Efficiency, +5 Diplomacy Critical

    Ensign Raina Temple

    • Type: Female Human

    • Planet: Quesh

    • Role: Rangal Healer

    Armor: Medium

    • Weapon: Gun and Shield Generator

    • Default Kit: With Pack

    ] Crew: +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Armormech Critical

    This gives you a quick SWTOR Imperial Agent Class Review so you can decide if this letter fits your style.

    Source by C. Rosemond

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