Super Affiliate Marketing – Example of an iPhone App Store

Suppose there is a cool programming group who invented the iPhone and developed a very good application team. They plan to sell more to a single business subscriber because they are primarily designed to help them better work with meetings, business management, and sales management. There is also an application for custom orders. You may have set their prices for $ 29.95 for each application. You are approaching more affiliate networks and creating accounts. There are three ways to approach this and probably all three versions are trying to see what works best.

first Straight sales deals with affiliate marketing (perhaps a business blogger) for a particular application manager. If the consumer buys it then the network gets $ x or x%. This is a significant part of total sales as the advertiser hopes to track bids from other apps, but only pays the customer once. The network cuts off the peak and gives most of the payment to a subsidiary that is sent to the customer.

2nd The affiliate blogger's link is a free trial of one of their apps. Sales are unreliable, but this advertiser is quite confident in your apps and believes that a free trial results in conversion to purchases and future purchases of other product family products as they work in mutual interaction. In this case, the amount of dollars may be smaller for the network, but it will result in more conversions as the consumer does not have to spend money

. Generally, if the cost of the product is higher, you can only offer a payment, which means that you will be paid when the consumer comes from your affiliate link to their site and provides only a small amount of information such as their name and email address. This usually results in the highest conversion rate, but payments will be the smallest.

This advertiser is likely to be approaching multiple networks and is likely to work more. As an affiliate marketer, you will likely find them in the list of advertisers that are active in more than one network. Negotiations on the networks continued. Some have demonstrated the likelihood of generating more businesses for the advertiser and hence higher advertised revenue.

This advertiser can be found in some of your networks. Your decision on which bid will be placed on your sites and on the market is based on the highest payout for you. One of the networks can hold you more income support, even if both of them get the same advertiser. This assumes that other factors also have super-iphone ad applications, so because of lower payouts, this supply may upset the balance. Or you can create multiple marketing pieces and both can perform as a test using the results to kill and stay with the other.

You will find that many advertisers will keep running very different bids, often with very different payment amounts and methods. This is not always a test, as some of them can work best with certain consumer demographics. They can keep the free trial offer less pay, but work with consumers who are resistant to purchasing products that they can not try first. You can then keep a continuous purchase, possibly with a new customer discount. This is one of your early employees or consumers who do not have the trouble to spend money if they like advertising copy.

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