Subliminal Messaging in Music

Have you ever listened to Stairway to Heaven?

"If you are in taste in your heath, please do not let me know now"

… what does this mean now?

Subliminal messages in music are in many layers, and in Stairway to Heaven you should play the aforementioned line back, it is assumed you hear someone say "I've been a bad boy, 666 satan." These messages in music are often posted until strictly enjoyable.

Rumor has led the Led Zeppelin band that wrote and performed the Stairway to Heaven – put these downline messages into the music they wrote because at that time when someone played their record well, they had a high probability of destroying file and having to buy another would lead to more sales.

More sales resolved in Led Zeppelin who held number 2 in operation. Subliminal messages in music were taken on the Beatles. The Beatles have many subliminals in the music they wrote and most famous in "Come Together". Come together is the clever name and is said to talk about sex with John Lennon.

Other attention-lovers of artists who had written downline messages in music that were written include Britney Spears. Britney Spears, at a young age, said she was a girl and would be there until she got married. But in the song "I'm not innocent" is a part that's already played, producing "Sleep with me I'm not too young".

Subliminal messages in music can be used to allow someone to see a specific way for those who know the music and to tell actual messages to their fans. Take, for example, the queen "Another one bites the dust". When playing normally, the story of warriors is killed in battle, but when played back, it talks about how fun it is to use drugs.

Subliminal messages in music will increase as long as there are rules and regulations about what musicians can write about. After all, they would not be good at their job if they did not rebel!

Source by Trevor John

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