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I'm sure most people need some time to stop the tiny pen. and when we first heard about silencing the phones of the future, and all we had to use (and not too much worried about being a bit greasy), we can not wait! I do not know how many times I had to go to the T-Mobile center to replace them and know my salesman well. A few years ago, he told me that Apple had worked out something exciting that disappeared with the annoying thinking device.

Now that the pen is finally heading to the archive, time can not be better if you start thinking about purchasing a touchscreen smartphone. Ever since Steve Jobs and his Apple empire bought the iPhone with the usual wave waves marketing campaign, the competition created an entire clone of the entire iPhone.

Many of the iPhone clones were just a little dressed phone. The LG Dare has a stylish and powerful touch option on Verizon, but the downside is a lower resolution screen than the omnipotent iPhone. Now Samsung Instinct is somewhat similar to LG Dare, but upstream this is a solid, inexpensive alternative to Sprint subscribers. Instinct's perspective is a better solution for two reasons: it now works with the outstanding Opera Mini 4.2 browser and Sprint has added calendar synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. Personally, I had some questions about Sprint, but now it looks like they are listening to what their customers want. Hopefully this will last.

Now that you are looking for someone who supports third-party applications in a native environment, Dare and Instinct are not genuine smartphones. If you want a touchscreen smartphone, you still have many options. Now that a real touchscreen phone, T-Mobile G1, is the first real Google Android smartphone, boast a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

As usual, Blackberry looks like a BlackBerry Storm 9530. It will be the first touchscreen BlackBerry and its touchscreen will be managed by the click-controlled LCD. Of course, other companies will soon become touch-screen crazy with touch-screen Windows Mobile devices like HTC HTC Touch Pro and iPhone-esque Samsung Omnia. These models use both the well-known Wicker WM interface. Better late than ever, Nokia has entered Symbian-based 5800 XPressMusic for many years with intelligent keyboard devices.

We're tracking this smartphone review at the end of the week. I was still waiting for the last to come in for review.

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