Strongman solution sales model

The solution is complex and very exciting. Whether you're selling automated business processes (BPAs) or another solution, it's likely to have a tough job that requires a lot of complexity.

This stuff's chess; this is not a check.

There are dozens of decision-makers, and though not all of them have to say "Yes", there is a chance that either of them will say "No". You will encounter all sorts of competitive projects within your company, and political and financial landscapes can quickly change.

STRONGMAN offers a stunning model and simple abbreviation to help you solve your solution.

I'll tell you, then I will briefly speak to all key areas.
There are options for
N need
G for galvanization
M for the side
for money
A for power
N for discussion

These critical areas, which are in your sales cycle. Whether your vision is fully linked to your commitment during the day, you have to sober up to see if there is a bona fide, legitimate solution for you. Why else do you bother her?

T, timeline.

If the customer has a legitimate project to sell, which is the exact timeline? The execution timeline? Is the project management time or deadline?

R, review

Forget the entertainment and service that does not really look at the project. If you are simply in research mode (as opposed to review mode), I would suggest balancing this project with enhanced stage capabilities in the pipeline to increase your sales success.

O, options

What are the options for the customer? There are at least five options:

1. Your Solution
2. Resolving Competitor (s),
3. Build Yourself or Work Out Your Own Home
4. Do Not Do Anything

5. Improve or update their existing processes (sometimes by adding resources or performing training). You should be able to sell your available options, especially the option chosen by most companies – "improving or updating existing processes".

N, Needed.

Is it necessary, you understand the need, and the client agrees with what your claim is?

G. Galvanization.

This is my favorite. Do not forget that sales are not entertained and served – not entirely. If you work with clients who do not immediately replicate your calls, they do not bring other key partners to meetings, do not post-purchase processes, or do not show other key indicators that are not as active and committed to the sales process as you are, or you have to win their commitment or go ahead.

M, money.

If there is a moving project, funding the project has been approved in advance? Is this baseline meeting your solution costs and all associated costs – for example, the staff whose brochure will need to install the solution? Are you sure about the fiscal cycles? The sources originate from:

1. Project budget,
2. Cap Ex (capital expenditure requiring high cost accounting),
3. Op Ex (operating expense)
4. Ministry Budget

for over-spending or borrowing to other borrowers, in proportion to my wife – that means they are able to do so – so do not let the negotiating party stifle itself for a specific budget.

The Authority.

The champion is one thing, the authority is another. Is senior management aware of the project? Who is the specific authority associated with: signing contracts, making purchase orders, reviewing legal documents, developing and implementing training programs, technical review and implementation, user acceptance, etc. If you are selling solutions, you should create more people to all kinds of people, all of whom have a legitimate right.

N, Negotiation.

Many times the real sales will not start until there is time to talk. But want to hear the saddest piece of sales solution: The negotiation process typically occurs when a sales representative renounces most of the concessions and this is also the point where in most cases the customer is already in the decision to go ahead. They ignore the sales instance for post-acquisition resources (such as legal, technical deployment individuals, educators, buyers) and somehow sales fees that are forced on their own initiative. Honest.

This is STRONGMAN. I've been using almost ten years in my own business and as a means of advanced licensed sales training. I hope this is an effective model for your solution success.

Source by Kevin E Graham

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